The life of a cowboy...

Several week ago, I bought 2 tickets to see Jamey Johnson & Randy Houser in concert. Both RD and I were very excited. He has been gone to a lot of rodeos and stuff lately and with me having neck surgery - I was not up to travel much.

I was so excited about date night! I mean see the boy everyday but every now and then you just wanted dress up and go do something fun. Well the plans were made.... and then they were broken.

RD went to a rodeo Friday night and his good friend Terry (a bull stock contractor) had to leave. RD had to stay and make sure the bulls were alright and that they got bucked at Saturday's rodeo.

So no concert for us. Luckily, one of my friends bought the tickets from me. 

So I went shopping and bought myself a few early birthday presents :)

2 pair of jeans... one of which is a skinny jean. I finally found a pair that do not make me look like the side of a barn from behind. Haha.. I'm sure yall got a good laugh out of picturing that!

1 shirt.. gray in color. Dark gray... almost black. I got my Momma the same shirt in blue for Christmas.

I bought Maddy a bunch of fun goodies from Claire's for her birthday.

Some body splash... I have been wanted some more for some time.. like 2 years to be exact.

2 pair of tights... one gray in color & one black in color without feet.

2 SEC Championship shirts... black in color and they look really good! REALLY GOOD.

A this...
I heart Anthro!!

They sent me my discount card for my birthday... I could have done serious damage but I kept thinking about RD asking me how much my new dress was and me saying $215 and then the look on his face.. and then the feeling I would get of how he was right...

And decided an elephant change purse was much more exciting.

So even though we didn't get to go to our concert.... I had fun shopping and then going to visit my sweet Mattson & Payson. And he was having fun bucking bulls.

It worked out. Sundays are always spent together - No matter what :)


Black is my favorite...

After not being able to go out and dress super fun for a couple of weeks due to neck surgery... 

I decided to buy myself a little prize.

These two fun prizes will be here in 3-5 days. 



Booties and tube dresses... 
oh my two loves... 
now I will have some color with black 
since my entire closet looks like i am gothic... 
oh i love black... 
and booties and tube dresses with black panty hose... 
i am so excited... 
and RD is going to hate those shoes :)


How many you see?

On Sunday I did this....

Oh my sweet RD... I love you :)

I helped fix fences, took photographs and counted calves... something tells me the rest of my life is going to consist of this. 

Oh me, oh my...

Oh and I saw 18. 



Heaven were in the form of food....

It would be located here.

Seriously... I documented the feast. 

Step one: (After I ate an entire basket of homemade bread)
Crab Cake Salad... YUM. Perfect. Divine. 

Step Two:
Well... I dove in before I took a picture. It was however...
Buttermilk Battered Chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes and a selection of fresh cut veggies. All covered with goat cheese.

This was literally the best thing that has ever been eaten by this girl. EVER. I am currently working on perfected this recipe.

Step Three:
A strawberry bread pudding with chocolate sauce. Oh my....

I looked like had eaten an elephant when we left. I strongly encourage EVERYONE to go here and eat. Their website is not exactly very inviting but the house is GORGEOUS, the food is DIVINE and the staff is friendly too. They also have a little bar section for the drink and sports lover.

The house is full of art and traditional southern architecture. Love it.

In the meantime... I have been spending a lot of time at home. I had neck surgery. I am went to work today and was sent home after being there only 20 minutes. I sound like a 90 year old woman... this is getting on RD's last nerve. Last night he asked me to sing Coal Miner's Daughter... haha. It was a show.

He has been doing a lot of this...

Hope everyone is doing well!

Go eat at Buttermilk Hill ASAP!!! :)


Update #4: A rehearsal dinner...

This past Friday night was my cousin Heidi's wedding. Chase was an usher and I was the Maid of Honor. Here are before we left for the rehearsal & dinner. He is getting so old! {Tear}

Here are all 3 of us before the dinner... I was freezing. Literally. How cute is my cowboy?!

The dinner was the Old Rucker Place. Everything is pretty original and to die for!!! The decoration was elegant with white pumpkins. 

The food : chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes la gratin, bacon wrapped green beans, and roll. Dessert: homemade snickers sundaes. 

Although this sweet boy would have loved to be anywhere but here, he looked like a prize with this starched jeans, white Polo and sports coat. He smiled and held me up during my toast which involved a story of me, Heidi, and my Mamaw and late Papaw going on a family vacation to the beach where Mamaw bought Heidi her first wedding magazine. Mamaw is very sick and Papaw is fishing in Heaven with Uncle Will. It was beautiful and tear filled night. 

I am glad my cowboy was there :)

Here we are together...

There were better full shot pictures of us. Sadly, Susie Q doesn't have the greatest photography skills with my camera... they were ALL blurry. No worries. We seriously have a million pictures of just us. 

Stay tuned for wedding and reception posts!!!

Update #3: Neck Pain

Even though I have already touched on this a bit... it was on the list so I will cover it.

A few weeks ago my neck started hurting REALLY bad. It got worse and worse. Then my left arm went numb. This freaked me out.

I went to the doctor he prescribed Prednisone (steroid) for 5 days.

No help at all.

Went back to the doctor. He ordered an MRI. 

It showed that I had 4 bulging disk and one herniated disk.

I went to the specialist yesterday - got a steroid injection this morning - here I am.

Stiff, annoyed, and hoping that it works.

The next step is surgery. Pray this won't have to happen.

They think the injury is from a car wreck I had last November or Cheerleading for 15 years. 

Update #2: Walmart + Mission + Deadline = One crazy adventure..

I have wanted a sewing machine for well... a very long time. I have always wanted someone to teach me how to sew with it as well. I always wanted my Nannie to teach me to quilt.

Well... they bought me one when I was like 5. It broke because it was made for kids and I was most likely to rough.

Time is precious and I always felt bad when I knew someone I could ask to teach me.

Nannie claims she forgot how to quilt. Riiiight.... but she pretends to be dead serious when she says this to my face.

So the Saturday we played Ole Miss... I was on a mission. It hit me at 12 that I had enough extra money to make my purchase. I had found the one I wanted online. Walmart was it's home.

I yelled at mother so she would rush to get ready so we could make it back in time for kick off. (Not yelling mean at her, but or less encouraging her...) I was ready wearing RD's tee shirt, leggings, and flats. She prefers real clothes when making an adventure. 

Drove like a crazy person to Sylacagua, only to learn that they had gotten rid of their Craft department. Yes. Gone. I was pissed. No other word to describe it. Beyond pissed. Livid. 

The man told me that the closet one was in Anniston, I YellowPages.com'ed  it, (Who would have though? I used what I sell all day long... hmmm) and called Talladega... YES!!! CRAFT DEPARTMENT!!!!

Drove like an even more crazy person and tah dah!!!!!

My own little sewing station.... I bought all the goods: Sewing Machine (50 Stitch Selection), carry case, supply box, fabric scissors, needles, thread, and a whole bunch of fabric.

Here is the whole setup... 

And my work so far...

In case you are wondering, RD is getting a quilt for Christmas. I told him it was for Payson. He was so jealous and has now decided it is really for him! Silly boy...

Random though: Steroids + Injected into spine = Pain and Stiffness... UHH!!!

Update #1: Momma's Birthday & Spooktacular Lingerie Shower Final

Today I had a cervical epidermal injection... english: steroids injected into my disk that is out of place. So that means... pain, numbness, dizziness and plenty of blogger time!!!

This is the cake I baked for my Momma's birthday (9.18). It's homemade from scratch! It includes an entire bottle of Hershey chocolate... yeah. But she loves it...

This is her really awesome candle holder/wine bottle top we bought her....

We had steaks, potatos, rolls, and cake... she also got several more pieces for her Spooky Village (the same as a Christmas Village except spooky...)

Then here we go.... 

{Note: NO pictures have been edited yet! Sorry...}

The food table....
The drink table....
The Witch Bride....
Witch bride again...
Witchy me and the Witch Bride....

We had such a great time! Everything went perfectly! Food and drinks were great... everyone came dressed as a witch... she got lots of goodies....

More updates to come.. after a nap :)


An update...

Many posts will follow this post. They will cover what all has been going on the past few weeks. Life was busy, busy, busy.. but is now slowing down.

What to expect...
  1. A final post pertaining to the Spooktacular Lingerie Shower...
  2. A trip to Walmart in a rush to make it back to see kick off and one new sewing machine later...
  3. Cowboys love their boots... and to stay warm at night...
  4. A trip to the doctor... a MRI order... one herniated disk... 
  5. A Rehearsal Dinner...
  6. A wedding... a party... and a ball... {RD's priceless "Get me out of here" face}
  7. A dinner for a hunter that spent Sunday in a tree... literally. 
As you can tell, I have been super busy! I have so much to say and I think I am finally going to have time to say it.

One post at a time!

See you soon! :)


Something blue...

These guys are on their way....
I decided I needed them for Heidi's wedding... 

They will go with both dresses I have to wear...

One for the ceremony and one for the reception.... did I mention I have a peacock mask for the reception? Can't wait for pictures. RD's mask is a Zorro one :) And his suit... it's to die for! Houndstooth tie included :)

I still have to post the final pictures of the Spooktacular Lingerie Shower... I am still editing them for Heidi.


Part two...

Here is a sneak peak of the decor... it's too fabulous to be shared and deserves it's on post. I think I will wait until the food is on the platters though... YAH!

An already spooky fireplace made super spooky with spider webs....

And the pumpkin I couldn't manage to find last night on my email... tah dah!
It's Heidi.. well her silhouette anyways :)
Stay tuned for more spooktactular posts...


Part One and a half....

Here is one of the white pumpkins...

{the other picture is still floating around space somewhere unable to find my inbox}

Like Victoria's Sexy Little Bride... we are having a Spooky Little Bride!

Step one...

When hosting a spookactular lingerie shower one must 
{Part One}
White pumpkins are WAY to high in price... so we made out own :)

A bling and black BOO...

This sweet boy {RD} gutted his pumpkin and got right to work on a masterpiece....

A black pumpkin... A white pumpkin... throw in some bling... and an ole black crow...

This is my favorite so far...

This is not a cut out like a regular pumpkin but instead he scraped the skin off allowing the light to shine through. This is when it's all lit up. Is this not amazing!!! He fee handed it too!

There are 2 more pumpkins to go... 
I have one finished and my email won't work so I can get the picture.
The other is in the process.
Tomorrow they will be finished.
And posted promptly thereafter.
i heart halloween 
{aka: spooktactular lingerie showers}


Life is good...

Now a days a post is few and far between.... but I do what I can. Working takes a lot of hours out of your day! I never realized. But then again... it puts money in your pocket book... so I guess it evens out. I guess...


Often, there are times when I want to type out exactly what I am feeling at that moment or the random thought that has popped into my brain.. but life kicks in, times flies, and the thought passes. I am seriously contemplating on writing these thoughts down and compiling a book - after of course I type them onto my blog... but then again who has time to write down stuff when there are quotas to meet, deadlines to beat, and places to be? Oh life.

I have been spending a lot of time with this guy. Even though RD is favorite, I run a close 2nd. We are definitely beating Creeddaddy & Susie... They discipline and frown upon people food. RD teaches tricks and gives treats while I just give him whatever it is I am eating at the time. He is like a person. He trips us out.

His new favorite spot to relax = under my bed.
I also got to spend some time with this precious baby child.....

Gracie Lee!
I played with her and then Melissa (her mommy) and I went out to dinner. It's been a while since me and Melissa got to hang out and the first time she has left Gracie for any period of time. It was fun for all parties... especially Nona (Melissa's mom) who got to stay and play with baby girl!

I have a couple of PRECIOUS pictures of my favorite boys... they will be my next post. It will be a tribute to Alabama football wrapped up in their absolute cuteness and sweet selves! 

Tonight, RD and I went to the funeral home. A member of our church and a very sweet man passed away. Timmy Robinson died at the young age of 50 and will be laid to rest tomorrow. He had a smile on his face every Sunday morning when I saw him. He always said good morning or hello or something. He will be truly missed.... but I know he is playing that guitar in Heaven right now while the good Lord smiles back at him.


It's almost been one month since I last blogged.

I am the maid of honor in my cousin's wedding. I am hosting the lingerie shower.. I cannot wait to post pictures!!!! Here is peak of the invite...
What I have been up to....

I work everyday from 7:30 - 4:30. I drive 280 in order to get there. I hate it. Why do people forget how to drive when they get over the mountain? 

I miss the days of sleeping in and maybe studying or just going antique shopping 50 miles away instead. I miss driving to Tuscaloosa. There I said it.. I miss college.

I loved high heels until the day I had to wear them everyday. Now a pair of flip flops might as well be called Heaven on Earth! And my new obsession with house shoes.... yes house shoes. I found a blue pair with frogs on them in my closet a few months back. I think they might have been Melissa's... mine now. I wear them ALL the time. I contemplated wearing them into
Smith's the other day... RD was like nahhh prolly not a good idea. Haha... his face was priceless.

I go to a rodeo every weekend... and I love it. I have the best boyfriend ever.. I could not ask for better. 

I planted these at the beginning of summer. I planted large and small.. I will post the picture of the large (over 6 feet tall!) but here are the small... how cute are these guys!!!???

{The picture quality is not perfect... i took it with my iPhone.}

I have spent time with family and friends. Went to a family reunion and to visit my sweet Mamaw :)

Did I mention that I spent lots of time with my two favorite boys? Mattson & Payson. I love those little guys! We watched football last Saturday and the Saturday before we played at Coco's house all day while their mommy & daddy cleaned carpet. We had more fun :)

Since the intro of the big orange tractor, if the sun is in the sky then RD is on the tractor. So Coco must find ways to entertain herself...

On his land there are several little ponds... so anyone that knows me well will know exactly what I did...

I went fishin'...
And caught 6 fish :)

I hope everyone is doing well. I currently have the stomach bug and have been out of work for the past 2 days. I hope to be back tomorrow. I kinda miss talking to strangers over the phone. Really it's kinda fun. 

I am going to try and do better with my blog... it looks sad currently. There are just not enough hours in the day anymore. Especially since Memaw here goes to bed at 9... I am getting old.

Oh and ROLL TIDE :)


Since we last chatted...

Since we last chatted.. 

I drove to PC by myself to meet up with some friends to celebrate one of their 30th birthdays.

I ate here... and spent over $40 BEFORE TIP on nothing but food and Coke Classic because that's how much I love it. (And threw in a text message to my dear cousin Patrick Scott because he too shares my fondness of this joint and I knew it would make him jealous!)

I came home nice and tan from my one day on the beach.

I ate lunch with my favorite people.. RD, Shelley, Matt and my 2 favorite men, Mattson & Payson on Sunday when I got home.

I napped as usual on Sunday with RD.

I worked all week and learned more about my job. I like it a lot!

I really like Thursday when you get a paycheck :)

I yelled at people on 280 who magically forget how to drive when they get on the other side of the mountain.

I drank a great amount of water. This is an always for me but I wanted to share this.. idk..

I woke up tired and realized I am getting old and nothing is going to change that.

I drove home today to this...

And realized my boyfriend loves it as much as he loves me and it's only been in his life 3 hours now. Oh and it's orange and I am cuter but he will probably say that this is still open for discussion. 

Got to love that boy :)

I hope your work week was easy and grand... and that you're weekend is wonderful!

I am off to the gym, to eat, to sleep.

Then work, a rodeo, and Arab, Alabama for a Bridesmaid slumber party at my sweet Aunt's house!



A cowboy...

As I mentioned in my last post... 

RD and I went to a rodeo Saturday night in Blairsville, GA. 

And Ashley... you were right.. there is NOTHING there! And the roads made me sick! Uhh! It was like Leeds Mountain times 100! Literally. Eww!

Anyways... we had the best time. We laughed and talked and acted like our normal random selves. I took my chair and good thing because there were over 1,200 people there. They only had 2 sets of bleachers. It was a mess. Parking was horrible. It took 30 minutes to leave! 

But luckily with my chair I could post up behind the arena gates with RD and the other bull riders. This put me in front of a crowd who thought it totally unfair I was in there. I mean really? Calm down people.

The view was great and I was set. So I snapped this picture with my new iPhone of this sweet cowboy before he rode...
I heart him :)

He covered his bull according to everyone there {including my camera timer} but magically the judges timer stopped on 6 seconds! I was so shocked! And the other judge did not have a clear few so he automatically had to say thumbs down. 

Oh my...

But we tore up some McDonald's {which we both HATE but that's all we could find} and head back to SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!


New members...

Recently we have added new members to the clan.... Both are bulls of some sort and both are cute as pie!

Meet Juicy Couture
He is the newest member of the bull gang.
He is a young guy, around 3.
He likes his new home and his new friends.
He does not so much like getting in the bucking shoot. 
He actually knocked the gate off and knocked Cooper out.
{They are all fine though :)}
But he likes to eat and graze and wonder about the pasture.
He has potential.
And I like him.
And yes... I changed his name from Juicy Johnny to Juicy Couture.
He has velour like fur with a subtle blue tint.
RD agreed :)
Meet B
{B stands for Bruiser but I hate that name.}
So we call him B.
He was given to me by a girl I work with.
He is 10 months old and she didn't have enough time to devote to him.
So.. now he lives on the hill with us in the haunted house.
He loves it!
He is the coolest dog... well ever.
He can skateboard. No lie.
He cries and it sounds like a baby when he doesn't get his way.
His great grandmother is a celebrity.
Ever heard of Uga? Yeah Uga III.
He is like a human,
He really enjoys rap music, bacon, and anything that squeaks.
He likes to torture the cats but cries when they fight back.
Love this guy.
RD and Creed even love him.
That's a big deal :)
Hope everyone has a happy weekend!

We are off to Blairesville, GA for a rodeo! I think it's going to pour down rain to. Did I mention it's outside?

Yah! :)


Move over RD...

Mr. iPhone is here!!

Can I honestly tell you that I do not know how I made it without him thus far?

No lie.

I am big on texting. It saves voice boxes. (except when driving) I check my email about 100 times daily. I love to be able to check my bank account without listening to that stupid robot lady. I can pay all my bills from the the screen of my phone. Did I mention I can surf the Internet and it looks just like the screen of my mac? I can map quest, weather channel, play games with someone that lives in New Jersey, oh and Pandora radio, live football games, and my ipod all in one!?

Yes true story.. and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I love this guy. Not literally as much as RD but come to think of it...

He always agrees and never talks back :)

Totally trickin'! {Shelley stop laughing at me! Love you!}

RD is already making fun of my new obsession. I told him it was my equivalent of a bull :)

I did it..

Many people have heard about how good my mother can cook. RD brags on her all the time. I have gotten used to the fact that she cooks and we eat. As a child, I was outside all the time. I never came in unless it was too cold or it was time to eat. Even then, they MADE me come inside. I would go play outside until I could feel the seriousness in my mother's voice as she yelled from the back steps to the woods where I was always playing. I never have had a desire to be inside or much less in the kitchen helping my mother cook. My brother would help more than I would. I hated it.

This is now showing in my old age. RD loves to eat. I hate to cook. What's a girl to do?

I still hate hanging out in the kitchen, unless there is much needed to hear gossip being tossed about in the air. {None of you for a second better act like y'all don't do the same thing :)} I will arrive to the kitchen when it's time to eat. However, I have made it an effort to work on this. I mean after all, me and RD can't forever eat every meal with Susie and Creeddaddy. They will get tired of us.

So I sat down and thought about what I could cook...

Settled upon :

  • Ham and Cheese Chicken

  • Bacon Mashed Potatoes {served in sourdough bread bowl}

  • Baked Beans

I planned. I purchased. I prepared.

And the best part... RD loved it. And it was actually good!!! {He even took it for lunch!!}

I was SO happy :)

The very best part of it all though : he bragged about my cooking to Shawn at church! I was tickled pink. I almost cried and which Shawn found hilarious.

And the kicker: I actually enjoyed cooking.

I am getting old.


a Monday from...

you can complete the title yourself :)

{my take on it = not so much blog friendly}

**Click here : Pray for Hope and send up a prayer. (This is my neighbor's cousin blog.) This little girl needs prayer**

I woke up this morning, showered, dressed and gathered muddy rodeo clothes. Drove through Cresswell to Childersburg... almost made it onto Hwy 280.


There was a girl lying in the road. Explorer lying on it's side. It had rolled about 50 or so feet until it finally stopped.

Wake up call HARD CORE!!!

Apparently, she had lost total control and was ejected from her vehicle. When I arrived on the scene another woman was just getting there as well. I called 911 and told them what had happened and also where we were located. Highway 85 - Harpersville (aka Cresswell).

The man on the other end of the line proceeded to tell me there was no Highway 85 in Shelby county... umm yes there is sir.. I LIVE ON IT!!

Uhh.. after finally getting him to just call Harpersville and tell them Cresswell - the 280 end. We had made some progress.

The girl on the other hand, was alert and able to walk. Her elbow was not doing so hot... seeing how it was protruding from her skin. Bone cut flesh trauma. Eww.

Not pleasant at 7 in the morning. Pleasant being the polar opposite actually.

Diapers were all over her vehicle. I was terrified that a baby was in there.

No. Just the part of the car seat where you attach the pumpkin seat - no baby, no pumpkin seat.

Thank God.

I waited for a minute. Saw that the other lady had it under control, she would stay and was now accompanied by another lady she works with.. I left.

{Be extremely careful in this road!! They are re-paving and left the shoulder hanging above the ground up to 1.5 feet in some places! You go off the road.. your best bet it to ride in the ditch until in lowers back down and come to a complete stop. This wreck happened and another wreck that left one lady dead. BE CAREFUL! Oh and we can thank the up and hopefully not coming quarry for the new road action!}

I continued on my way to Taylor's Cleaners in Childersburg and was once again reminded of why I go out of my way (and stumble upon all the random happenings of Cresswell) just so RD can have freshly starched rodeo attire, the smiling faces and sweet morning greetings from the employees.

A day in the office where the computer decided to crash ALL day.

However, I did manage to find a cute little birthday gift on my lunch break for a special girl!

Oh Monday... sweet and furious Monday :)


My take on dry cleaning...

I started this post on Thursday and I am finishing it on Friday...

Currently I am sitting in my cubical. I am finished doing what needs to be done. I am repeating to myself to go to the dry cleaners to pick of my sweet RD's clothes. Usually I would not have to remind myself to do this, but this week I am having to use a different cleaners. Taylor's in Childersburg is who we usually use. I don't even have to tell them what to do, they already know. For years I have been doing the same routine. Monday: drop off clothes. Heavy starch. Don't mind the brown stuff. It's only bull poop.

Thursday: pick up clothes. Pay with a check. Cash if they are lucky. And tell them see you Monday. Oh and they ALWAYS ask how he did in the rodeo and if he took me out to dinner.. and if we had Hardee's on the way to the rodeo. They seem interested in our life and always ask details. Sweet people.

This week...

dropped the clothes off in Inverness Dry Cleaners. Rude teenage girl that was mean mugging the entire time I was there. Uhh. She was a witch. They make you pay before hand. So if they don't heavy starch but only medium starch... well you're screwed. You have already paid and there is nothing you can do if they mess it up. So maybe at 5 when I go pick up the clothes they will be heavy starched and perfectly creased. Maybe my cowboy will look as presentable as always...

If it was up to the teenage witch behind the counter, she would burn the clothes and then chase me out with a hanger. Seriously, she is not friendly!

So... I pick them up. It takes 15 minutes to find the clothes... I get them. I go.

I have a fun evening with Susie a sips and strokes...

And get up Friday to go to work.... 

RD gets his clothes and starts to dress for his rodeo... HIS PANTS ARE WET!!! {all 3 pair} They put so much starch that the pants couldn't even absorb it.

Words cannot express my anger. RD was very sweet and calm, the complete opposite of myself :)

Moral of the Story : People should be more like the nice, smiling faces behind the counter at Taylor's Cleaners. A smile. A nice gesture. And standing behind what you stand for. It matters. 

Thanks for listening :)


Sips & Strokes Trip #1...

Last Friday night...

Erin, Brooke, Jessica and I went to Sips and Strokes and painted this...

I love Sips & Strokes!! Love it. 

Tomorrow Susie Q and I are going. She has been out of town for a week so I thought it would be something fun and new to do...

We will be painting a funky peacock.

SOO much has happened in the past week...

Here is a list of posts to come:

  • a new four legged family member who his an alabama fan georgia bull dog
  • paula deen + me = smile on RD's face :) 
  • work and all that comes along with that
  • Eddie Rabbit, a vinyl, and good friends

Though the list may seem random.. wait what I am saying?

I am random! 

See you soon! :)


Recap on life...

What I have been up to...

I have spent lots of time with my two favorite boys {Mattson & Payson}.

Went to a wedding reception and took pictures only to find out that the lens was horribly broken. 

I found out it would take 3-5 weeks to get it back. I almost cried. But it's better than buying a $500 or more lens.

I have worked everyday. I am ready to be done with training. I like my job though.

I went to a rodeo and the zoom broke on my point and snap pocket book camera {as I call it} so it looks like I was on the bull with RD, but then it worked fine on Cooper's ride. {idk.}

I bought some big curlers because i am OVER straight hair. And my hair is baby fine straight too. Uhh.

I have a mind set to become debt free ;)

I spent quality time with my BFF {and her sweet boys}. 

Ate hamburgers and cupcakes with Phil {Matt, RD, the boys, Heather, Kassidy and Cardson included} before he heads off to Costa Rica... and my little cousin Cade came to visit.

That's about it... 

I don't have any pictures because the one I wanted to post is not photoshopped yet..

Hope your week is grand :) 

I am tired. 


Tomorrow the music will be put to rest....

At around 9 in the morning... 
{while I am working wishing I was watching the live coverage}
The King of Pop will be laid to rest. 

I know there are mixed emotions and words of hate often times directed at this man.
{even after his death which completely blows my mind!} 
But for the record... 
I hope he moon walked through the pearly gates :)

Rest in peace Michael Jackson.