The life of a cowboy...

Several week ago, I bought 2 tickets to see Jamey Johnson & Randy Houser in concert. Both RD and I were very excited. He has been gone to a lot of rodeos and stuff lately and with me having neck surgery - I was not up to travel much.

I was so excited about date night! I mean see the boy everyday but every now and then you just wanted dress up and go do something fun. Well the plans were made.... and then they were broken.

RD went to a rodeo Friday night and his good friend Terry (a bull stock contractor) had to leave. RD had to stay and make sure the bulls were alright and that they got bucked at Saturday's rodeo.

So no concert for us. Luckily, one of my friends bought the tickets from me. 

So I went shopping and bought myself a few early birthday presents :)

2 pair of jeans... one of which is a skinny jean. I finally found a pair that do not make me look like the side of a barn from behind. Haha.. I'm sure yall got a good laugh out of picturing that!

1 shirt.. gray in color. Dark gray... almost black. I got my Momma the same shirt in blue for Christmas.

I bought Maddy a bunch of fun goodies from Claire's for her birthday.

Some body splash... I have been wanted some more for some time.. like 2 years to be exact.

2 pair of tights... one gray in color & one black in color without feet.

2 SEC Championship shirts... black in color and they look really good! REALLY GOOD.

A this...
I heart Anthro!!

They sent me my discount card for my birthday... I could have done serious damage but I kept thinking about RD asking me how much my new dress was and me saying $215 and then the look on his face.. and then the feeling I would get of how he was right...

And decided an elephant change purse was much more exciting.

So even though we didn't get to go to our concert.... I had fun shopping and then going to visit my sweet Mattson & Payson. And he was having fun bucking bulls.

It worked out. Sundays are always spent together - No matter what :)


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