Since we last chatted...

Since we last chatted.. 

I drove to PC by myself to meet up with some friends to celebrate one of their 30th birthdays.

I ate here... and spent over $40 BEFORE TIP on nothing but food and Coke Classic because that's how much I love it. (And threw in a text message to my dear cousin Patrick Scott because he too shares my fondness of this joint and I knew it would make him jealous!)

I came home nice and tan from my one day on the beach.

I ate lunch with my favorite people.. RD, Shelley, Matt and my 2 favorite men, Mattson & Payson on Sunday when I got home.

I napped as usual on Sunday with RD.

I worked all week and learned more about my job. I like it a lot!

I really like Thursday when you get a paycheck :)

I yelled at people on 280 who magically forget how to drive when they get on the other side of the mountain.

I drank a great amount of water. This is an always for me but I wanted to share this.. idk..

I woke up tired and realized I am getting old and nothing is going to change that.

I drove home today to this...

And realized my boyfriend loves it as much as he loves me and it's only been in his life 3 hours now. Oh and it's orange and I am cuter but he will probably say that this is still open for discussion. 

Got to love that boy :)

I hope your work week was easy and grand... and that you're weekend is wonderful!

I am off to the gym, to eat, to sleep.

Then work, a rodeo, and Arab, Alabama for a Bridesmaid slumber party at my sweet Aunt's house!



A cowboy...

As I mentioned in my last post... 

RD and I went to a rodeo Saturday night in Blairsville, GA. 

And Ashley... you were right.. there is NOTHING there! And the roads made me sick! Uhh! It was like Leeds Mountain times 100! Literally. Eww!

Anyways... we had the best time. We laughed and talked and acted like our normal random selves. I took my chair and good thing because there were over 1,200 people there. They only had 2 sets of bleachers. It was a mess. Parking was horrible. It took 30 minutes to leave! 

But luckily with my chair I could post up behind the arena gates with RD and the other bull riders. This put me in front of a crowd who thought it totally unfair I was in there. I mean really? Calm down people.

The view was great and I was set. So I snapped this picture with my new iPhone of this sweet cowboy before he rode...
I heart him :)

He covered his bull according to everyone there {including my camera timer} but magically the judges timer stopped on 6 seconds! I was so shocked! And the other judge did not have a clear few so he automatically had to say thumbs down. 

Oh my...

But we tore up some McDonald's {which we both HATE but that's all we could find} and head back to SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!


New members...

Recently we have added new members to the clan.... Both are bulls of some sort and both are cute as pie!

Meet Juicy Couture
He is the newest member of the bull gang.
He is a young guy, around 3.
He likes his new home and his new friends.
He does not so much like getting in the bucking shoot. 
He actually knocked the gate off and knocked Cooper out.
{They are all fine though :)}
But he likes to eat and graze and wonder about the pasture.
He has potential.
And I like him.
And yes... I changed his name from Juicy Johnny to Juicy Couture.
He has velour like fur with a subtle blue tint.
RD agreed :)
Meet B
{B stands for Bruiser but I hate that name.}
So we call him B.
He was given to me by a girl I work with.
He is 10 months old and she didn't have enough time to devote to him.
So.. now he lives on the hill with us in the haunted house.
He loves it!
He is the coolest dog... well ever.
He can skateboard. No lie.
He cries and it sounds like a baby when he doesn't get his way.
His great grandmother is a celebrity.
Ever heard of Uga? Yeah Uga III.
He is like a human,
He really enjoys rap music, bacon, and anything that squeaks.
He likes to torture the cats but cries when they fight back.
Love this guy.
RD and Creed even love him.
That's a big deal :)
Hope everyone has a happy weekend!

We are off to Blairesville, GA for a rodeo! I think it's going to pour down rain to. Did I mention it's outside?

Yah! :)