Pardon me...

Please pardon me for being all over blogger today.. 

I am just so exited that today is my last day of college (class wise)!!

Everyone I know is tired of hearing me say it, whether they let it show or not, I know they are. Especially Sus5 5 ie and RD... oh well.. that's their job :)

Each time I leave one building and go to the next, I am reminded that I won't be sitting through another lecture in that same seat, in the same row, ever again. Wow.. it's starting to really sink in :)

Domain Change

Just so everyone knows...

I changed my domain name from colorfullyblackandwhite.blogspot.com to what I oringally wanted it to be but at the time was unavailable : http://www.codielee.blogspot.com/

So in case you needed to know that info to keep following.. there you go!

This is the new piece now being displayed on the Quad of Woods Hall (aka the art building). Don't you just love this guy... he is just chillin'...

Happy Thursday :)


5 down... 0 to go...

I did it!!

I finished my oil painting.. and they are even dry.. which is a feat because oil paint takes forever to dry. I am so excited. Tomorrow is my last Thursday and last day of classes. All that is left is a week of exam.. BRING EM ON!!! :)

Here are all of my finished pieces... they look better at this distance.. trust me ;)

Here is RD's favorite.. It looks the most like the original...

This is my favorite... I heart Starry Night :)

Tomorrow is going to be awesome!!! I cannot wait to make my last hike to T-Town for my LAST full day of classes... Last Thursday of  my college career.. wow.

I will prolly be a little sad on my way home.. I am not going to lie.

I will forget that sadness when i sit down to study for exams and it will all come back to me when I make that final drive back home by myself next week.

Then I will prolly have a slight breakdown on RD on Saturday May 9 but then it will soon be forgotten. Very soon might I add. 

And that will be that.. until then.. studying and sleeping here I come :)

roll tide!! 

Blogger Awards...

Thanks Ashley @ Heath Bars & Reese's Cups! Love you girlie! and Yah for May 9!!! :)

Here are the Rules:

1. When given the award, you list 7 things that you love.
2. Pass the award along to 7 blogs you love to read. Be sure to tag them so they know they have been awarded!

7 Thing I love...

1. Ryan Davis more commonly know as RD!
2. my sweet and awesome family and friends 
3. Mattson and Payson.. they are so awesome they get their own slot on the list :)
4. sunshine, flowers, and being outside
5. a new pair of shoes :) sorry it had to be said...
6. going on rodeo road trips while having interesting conversations eating a cheese burgers and french fries while RD tells me that potatoes are going to be the death of him...
7. Last but not least : Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior :)  

I am taggin':

  1. Shelley
  2. Mrs. Sue
  3. Sherree
  4. Katie
  5. Matt
  6. Kirsten
  7. Tia
Yah for blog awards and may 9! :)


Last Tuesday...

Today I...

For the last time..

I woke up way to early to drive to Tuscaloosa on Tuesday for classes all day.

I sat in 280 traffic because a traffic light was out and made me 30 minutes late for art class on a Tuesday.

I rinsed my paint brushes out in the industrial sized sink in the paint room for the last time on a Tuesday.

I drug the extremely heavy easel and jockey out to the balcony to finish up a landscape piece for the last time in my college career.

I sat in the library and printed off study guides and notes for the last time. Ever. 

I will never go into the that computer lab again and wait in line to swipe my Act card to print off papers.

I walked all the way across campus for the last Tuesday ever.

I sat through Tuesday's APR 434 class.. blogging.. for the last time.

I emailed RD all day, back and forth, for the last time on a Tuesday.

I ate at the Ferg for the last Tuesday.

I dreaded HY 417 for the last time on a Tuesday.

I contemplated skipping out on ART315 for the last time on a Tuesday.

I will drive home from Tuscaloosa for the last time after a full day of classes on a Tuesday.

My last Tuesday :)


a weekend...

Friday : 

Making last minute errands before finally getting everything for the "after prom gathering" at my house. My mother went all out : she re-did the pool house to be more fun rather than livable. It now is home to the pool table, the big screen plasma, the wii, the xbox, the playstation 3, and more. It was fully stocked with any type snack food a kid would want. Cokes, tea, water, gatorade.. were all covered. She even bought a a polka dot cake from Edgar's that said Prom 2009. Everything was perfect. Fresh flowers and star confetti included.

We even had time to snag some fabulous deals at Target on sandals, dress shorts, and a lovely little black (rd called it Chinese) dress.

Friday night:

Chuck E Cheese's with Shelley, Nicie, Anna, Mattson and Payson. Shelley's good friend Tiffany also joined us along with her husband and sweet kids. It was a fun time. Although some people have no control over their children or either they just let them run wild which was annoying. Especially when they knocked over sweet Payson and tried to pry "monies"  out of Mattson's little hands. He refused to let that kid have them. It was great.

Saturday :

A day of oil painting, last minute touch ups in the yard, picture taking, and prom going. 

Here is my sweet little brother. I cannot believe is about to graduate high school. This is Jessica his sweet girlfriend. They looked so pretty! Yah for prom!

I also had to go to prom to photo lead out. Which took forever... I ended up being at my brother's prom longer than I was at my own prom. For real. RD sat in the car in the parking lot while Momma and I went it. He said he had no business being there and it would gay for him to go in. Got to love that child. 

All the kids came back to my house to watch movies and eat food. They had a great time and all looked so beautiful! 


Church. Animals included. Yes, there were live animals in church. A healthy entree of Jack's for lunch. Followed by about 20 minutes of the Talladega Race and then a short nap. Which turned into a long winter's nap and we woke up at 5 in the afternoon.  Yes, I know, we are total losers. 

A walk around the bulls pen, a ride on the 4 wheeler, a visit with Nan, Paps, Wendy, Rick and the girls... then to my house for sandwiches. A load of laundry. 

That was weekend.

THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF CLASSES!!! Followed by one week of exams. YAH FOR MAY 9! 


the big 100...

This is my 100th post! 

Wow.. I have never thought myself as a blogger. But I think I am officially a blogger...

Anyways... I FINISHED MY LAST ART (graphic design) PROJECT for my college career!!! YAH! Roll Tide!!!  

Here is my last calendar design (and thanks to all those who made suggestions :) very sweet!)

But here it is... Twilight Zone day. May 11. It is recorded strange things resembling those that occurred on "The Twilight Zone" occur each year on this day in various places around America. So... I went with it. 


3 down... 1 to go...

Below are two more calendar designs for my art 315 graphic design class... 
p.s. ONE MORE and I am finished with Art315!! Yah!

I have no idea why this is blurry looking. It's actually bright baby pink with  a bold black background. The frame is very white with a gray shadow... how this came our blurry.. is beyond me. 

However, this is actually a holiday. I found it quite magical and plan to celebrate it from now on. For real. Payson was almost born on this day... he was a day late. He probably wouldn't like fairy tale day to be his birthday anyways...

This is also a real holiday. It is Count Your Buttons day. October 21. Odd. But interesting. I went with  a gothic look since it shares the month that Halloween falls in also. 

One more to go.... I have no idea what I am going to do.. any suggestions? 


Backwards... happy birthday RD, a green thumb & bulls and boots


This sweet boy turned 24. We had an awesome day. We did whatever he wanted. Which included eating Monk's for lunch, going to Tractor Supply, putting up an electric fence by ourselves, laughing at me drive the Crow, watch PBR while taking a cat nap, and coming to my house to eat a birthday dinner while a tornado went directly over our house. Fun times. 

Creed, RD, and Chase actually saw this. They failed to inform me because I was standing beside Susie and did not want to alarm her. I was mad. Anyways...

Happy Birthday RD! Love this child :)


Another day with Susie except we went to 3 different flower / garden center and stocked up on some fun and beautiful flowers! yah for spring! Then we came home and put together arrangements and placed the pots in the perfect spots. *These are all posted backwards. Sorry*

Below is my boot. Love. Look how cool the corkscrew grass is! i love it! it's very willy wonka! and the creeping jenny is just fun as always (the light green in the front...)

p.s. i am slightly in love with flowers and gardening. What i lack in cooking skills i make up for with gardening :)

My boot... i am in love with this thing... my dad does not so much share my love for it since it weighs a slight ton and i made him move it.. twice :)

The 2 pots we put together for the front porch....

The two pots for the pool house  front door....

The truck... loaded down....

The truck loaded down.. again... lots of stuff here... wow...

Then saturday night i was clearly exhausted from working in the yard all day. RD was on his way home from Georgia where he stayed all day Saturday to get on more bulls. So I decided it to be the perfect time to address and put together all of my graduation invitations. I meant to take a picture but forgot until i was mailing them today. oh well....

Friday :

A day with Susie stopping at every cute shop and several antique stores (and a random pawn shop..), all while making our way to Franklin, Georgia to attend a rodeo. Yah for RD! He covered his bull and won 2nd overall for the entire rodeo weekend. Afterwards my Momma shot these shots... sorry they are blurry and dark.. she has that cool touch screen camera... well it is cool to play with but not so much take pictures. Anyways.. she loved the fact that our boots are similar. 
Then here is me and my cowboy...


Weekend time...

First let me say.. WICKED WAS WONDERFUL!!! Go see it. Hurry it's ending soon!

Second.. this is probably the last time I will be able to post until next week. I am going to a rodeo in Franklin, Georgia on Friday night. Finishing my Case Study for APR 423 (yah!) and finishing my LAST 2 oil paintings on Saturday. 

Then on Sunday... my sweet RD has a birthday. Below is part of a 4 piece assignment. I have to design 4 months of a calendar. I cannot be traditional in anyway or form. No grids. Nothing. So as I pondered my brain trying to come up with four themes. (That cannot be actual real holidays but more personal or fun holidays pertaining to my life.) So in the midst of my brain pondering.. I remembered that RD's birthday is Sunday.. and decided he could be 1 of 4 designs. Here it is...
Happy Birthday RD! (he never reads this.. but anyways...)

And I plan to post the next 3 designs when they are finished....

Yah for MAY!!! 


Tonight is the night...

Tonight is the night I have been waiting for! It feels like ages since I bought the tickets and made the plans. It seems like I begged RD to go for at least a year... he refused. He said broadway is not for cowboys. He really did. Chase was very excited to take his place though. Sweet child. So tonight.. along with Tiffney (my cousin), my little brother (ChaseLee), Heidi (my other cousin), and Valerie (Heidi's Mother)... I am going to see this....

Yah! Words cannot express my excitement! As a child I was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz. I was totally in love. (P.S. RD has never seen this movie and refuses to watch it. I can only pray that his little girl will love it just as much I did...) I am so excited. Tickets in purse with smile on face.. I am ready! 


Two more....

Here are the invitations for the sister's baby shower that will be sent to friend of the sister instead of sending these people a joint invitation...

Yah! I am finished! 


Ode to heels...

As I have posted several time...


I would wear them everyday... if they went with scrubs or were suitable for walking across this really huge and gigantic campus in Tuscaloosa. Maybe one day... hopefully.. i will have a job that requires heels. You laugh. But I am dead serious. I dream of this day. 

Back to the point... my sweet RD went to stay with his dear friend so they could drive to a rodeo tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow (on Good Friday... I am sure that is a sin of some sort..) so I stayed home to paint, blog, eat pizza, go to the gym without him (which is not near as exciting) and watch Grey's Anatomy. Yah! 

My Momma and Chase are in Fultondale. Tonight sweet ChaseLee will play his last baseball game as a high schooler.. Sadness. I am sure my mother will cry the entire way back. I am sure he will shed a tear when no one is looking. And I am sure he will come have a long talk sitting on the end of my bed eating left over pizza. I am almost positive I will remind him that he will be moving to Auburn in a few months and times there will erase the hurt of not playing baseball. 

But onto the point.. it is quite without RD...

I have stumbled upon a new blog... an artistic one... paint + canvas + high heels = magical!!

Fun times. 


Another invitation...

How exciting! The grandmother of these babies is going to have her hands full!!! This is an invitation I designed for two sister's joint baby shower that their home church is throwing for them. This will be mailed to guests of both sisters... there will also be an invite for each sister. I just have not finished them yet. :)


I missed my blog...

A week of school work, long days at work, and boringness....

A rodeo, a random night I hope never happens again in a place down on the plains (too long to tell and too random to believe), time spent with my long lost BFF and her sweet boys, and a grand Sunday with my RD....

A Monday filled with a trip to the Ham, a few last minute gifts for RD's birthday's, lunch with Heidi, painting, a trip to the gym with RD, dinner and us laying around watching TV (while managing to write a paper)....

Brings me back to my blog... I missed this! 

I hope things have been well for all. I have been trying to read and keep up with everyone! I hope to get back at it very soon.. but for now I will do a quick post regarding some news I found out today...

Heidi (my cousin) asked that I be in her upcoming fashion show. I opted to do it and she was thrilled! The best part...

I get to wear the dress named after me!!! yah! 

To see it : go to her site. Click on the girls. It is named the CodieLee. I cannot post a pic on here because they are protected through her site and I don't have a loose pic on my computer. Just in case you want to check it out. I am pumped! 

Go here for info on the event : styleinthesky.info