a weekend...

Friday : 

Making last minute errands before finally getting everything for the "after prom gathering" at my house. My mother went all out : she re-did the pool house to be more fun rather than livable. It now is home to the pool table, the big screen plasma, the wii, the xbox, the playstation 3, and more. It was fully stocked with any type snack food a kid would want. Cokes, tea, water, gatorade.. were all covered. She even bought a a polka dot cake from Edgar's that said Prom 2009. Everything was perfect. Fresh flowers and star confetti included.

We even had time to snag some fabulous deals at Target on sandals, dress shorts, and a lovely little black (rd called it Chinese) dress.

Friday night:

Chuck E Cheese's with Shelley, Nicie, Anna, Mattson and Payson. Shelley's good friend Tiffany also joined us along with her husband and sweet kids. It was a fun time. Although some people have no control over their children or either they just let them run wild which was annoying. Especially when they knocked over sweet Payson and tried to pry "monies"  out of Mattson's little hands. He refused to let that kid have them. It was great.

Saturday :

A day of oil painting, last minute touch ups in the yard, picture taking, and prom going. 

Here is my sweet little brother. I cannot believe is about to graduate high school. This is Jessica his sweet girlfriend. They looked so pretty! Yah for prom!

I also had to go to prom to photo lead out. Which took forever... I ended up being at my brother's prom longer than I was at my own prom. For real. RD sat in the car in the parking lot while Momma and I went it. He said he had no business being there and it would gay for him to go in. Got to love that child. 

All the kids came back to my house to watch movies and eat food. They had a great time and all looked so beautiful! 


Church. Animals included. Yes, there were live animals in church. A healthy entree of Jack's for lunch. Followed by about 20 minutes of the Talladega Race and then a short nap. Which turned into a long winter's nap and we woke up at 5 in the afternoon.  Yes, I know, we are total losers. 

A walk around the bulls pen, a ride on the 4 wheeler, a visit with Nan, Paps, Wendy, Rick and the girls... then to my house for sandwiches. A load of laundry. 

That was weekend.

THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF CLASSES!!! Followed by one week of exams. YAH FOR MAY 9! 


Ashley Waldrop said...

Yay for May 9th!!

Matt said...

If Jesus were to come back on May 8th @ 11:59 pm, would you be a little upset?

Sue said...

What a FUN weekend for you! Can you believe your mom has two graduates? Chase & Jessica look so cute...please post more pictures. I'm so excited for you....11 more days and you will be an alumni!

Nana said...

What a cute couple! Your mom totally ROCKS for doing that for the kids :) Congrat's on graduation!

K.ASH =] said...

wow, chase & jska did look amazing! congrats in advance for may 9th! i cant wait til may 21st and for my grad date 4 yrs from now from montevallo! yay! lol.