5 down... 0 to go...

I did it!!

I finished my oil painting.. and they are even dry.. which is a feat because oil paint takes forever to dry. I am so excited. Tomorrow is my last Thursday and last day of classes. All that is left is a week of exam.. BRING EM ON!!! :)

Here are all of my finished pieces... they look better at this distance.. trust me ;)

Here is RD's favorite.. It looks the most like the original...

This is my favorite... I heart Starry Night :)

Tomorrow is going to be awesome!!! I cannot wait to make my last hike to T-Town for my LAST full day of classes... Last Thursday of  my college career.. wow.

I will prolly be a little sad on my way home.. I am not going to lie.

I will forget that sadness when i sit down to study for exams and it will all come back to me when I make that final drive back home by myself next week.

Then I will prolly have a slight breakdown on RD on Saturday May 9 but then it will soon be forgotten. Very soon might I add. 

And that will be that.. until then.. studying and sleeping here I come :)

roll tide!! 

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