Move over RD...

Mr. iPhone is here!!

Can I honestly tell you that I do not know how I made it without him thus far?

No lie.

I am big on texting. It saves voice boxes. (except when driving) I check my email about 100 times daily. I love to be able to check my bank account without listening to that stupid robot lady. I can pay all my bills from the the screen of my phone. Did I mention I can surf the Internet and it looks just like the screen of my mac? I can map quest, weather channel, play games with someone that lives in New Jersey, oh and Pandora radio, live football games, and my ipod all in one!?

Yes true story.. and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I love this guy. Not literally as much as RD but come to think of it...

He always agrees and never talks back :)

Totally trickin'! {Shelley stop laughing at me! Love you!}

RD is already making fun of my new obsession. I told him it was my equivalent of a bull :)

I did it..

Many people have heard about how good my mother can cook. RD brags on her all the time. I have gotten used to the fact that she cooks and we eat. As a child, I was outside all the time. I never came in unless it was too cold or it was time to eat. Even then, they MADE me come inside. I would go play outside until I could feel the seriousness in my mother's voice as she yelled from the back steps to the woods where I was always playing. I never have had a desire to be inside or much less in the kitchen helping my mother cook. My brother would help more than I would. I hated it.

This is now showing in my old age. RD loves to eat. I hate to cook. What's a girl to do?

I still hate hanging out in the kitchen, unless there is much needed to hear gossip being tossed about in the air. {None of you for a second better act like y'all don't do the same thing :)} I will arrive to the kitchen when it's time to eat. However, I have made it an effort to work on this. I mean after all, me and RD can't forever eat every meal with Susie and Creeddaddy. They will get tired of us.

So I sat down and thought about what I could cook...

Settled upon :

  • Ham and Cheese Chicken

  • Bacon Mashed Potatoes {served in sourdough bread bowl}

  • Baked Beans

I planned. I purchased. I prepared.

And the best part... RD loved it. And it was actually good!!! {He even took it for lunch!!}

I was SO happy :)

The very best part of it all though : he bragged about my cooking to Shawn at church! I was tickled pink. I almost cried and which Shawn found hilarious.

And the kicker: I actually enjoyed cooking.

I am getting old.


a Monday from...

you can complete the title yourself :)

{my take on it = not so much blog friendly}

**Click here : Pray for Hope and send up a prayer. (This is my neighbor's cousin blog.) This little girl needs prayer**

I woke up this morning, showered, dressed and gathered muddy rodeo clothes. Drove through Cresswell to Childersburg... almost made it onto Hwy 280.


There was a girl lying in the road. Explorer lying on it's side. It had rolled about 50 or so feet until it finally stopped.

Wake up call HARD CORE!!!

Apparently, she had lost total control and was ejected from her vehicle. When I arrived on the scene another woman was just getting there as well. I called 911 and told them what had happened and also where we were located. Highway 85 - Harpersville (aka Cresswell).

The man on the other end of the line proceeded to tell me there was no Highway 85 in Shelby county... umm yes there is sir.. I LIVE ON IT!!

Uhh.. after finally getting him to just call Harpersville and tell them Cresswell - the 280 end. We had made some progress.

The girl on the other hand, was alert and able to walk. Her elbow was not doing so hot... seeing how it was protruding from her skin. Bone cut flesh trauma. Eww.

Not pleasant at 7 in the morning. Pleasant being the polar opposite actually.

Diapers were all over her vehicle. I was terrified that a baby was in there.

No. Just the part of the car seat where you attach the pumpkin seat - no baby, no pumpkin seat.

Thank God.

I waited for a minute. Saw that the other lady had it under control, she would stay and was now accompanied by another lady she works with.. I left.

{Be extremely careful in this road!! They are re-paving and left the shoulder hanging above the ground up to 1.5 feet in some places! You go off the road.. your best bet it to ride in the ditch until in lowers back down and come to a complete stop. This wreck happened and another wreck that left one lady dead. BE CAREFUL! Oh and we can thank the up and hopefully not coming quarry for the new road action!}

I continued on my way to Taylor's Cleaners in Childersburg and was once again reminded of why I go out of my way (and stumble upon all the random happenings of Cresswell) just so RD can have freshly starched rodeo attire, the smiling faces and sweet morning greetings from the employees.

A day in the office where the computer decided to crash ALL day.

However, I did manage to find a cute little birthday gift on my lunch break for a special girl!

Oh Monday... sweet and furious Monday :)


My take on dry cleaning...

I started this post on Thursday and I am finishing it on Friday...

Currently I am sitting in my cubical. I am finished doing what needs to be done. I am repeating to myself to go to the dry cleaners to pick of my sweet RD's clothes. Usually I would not have to remind myself to do this, but this week I am having to use a different cleaners. Taylor's in Childersburg is who we usually use. I don't even have to tell them what to do, they already know. For years I have been doing the same routine. Monday: drop off clothes. Heavy starch. Don't mind the brown stuff. It's only bull poop.

Thursday: pick up clothes. Pay with a check. Cash if they are lucky. And tell them see you Monday. Oh and they ALWAYS ask how he did in the rodeo and if he took me out to dinner.. and if we had Hardee's on the way to the rodeo. They seem interested in our life and always ask details. Sweet people.

This week...

dropped the clothes off in Inverness Dry Cleaners. Rude teenage girl that was mean mugging the entire time I was there. Uhh. She was a witch. They make you pay before hand. So if they don't heavy starch but only medium starch... well you're screwed. You have already paid and there is nothing you can do if they mess it up. So maybe at 5 when I go pick up the clothes they will be heavy starched and perfectly creased. Maybe my cowboy will look as presentable as always...

If it was up to the teenage witch behind the counter, she would burn the clothes and then chase me out with a hanger. Seriously, she is not friendly!

So... I pick them up. It takes 15 minutes to find the clothes... I get them. I go.

I have a fun evening with Susie a sips and strokes...

And get up Friday to go to work.... 

RD gets his clothes and starts to dress for his rodeo... HIS PANTS ARE WET!!! {all 3 pair} They put so much starch that the pants couldn't even absorb it.

Words cannot express my anger. RD was very sweet and calm, the complete opposite of myself :)

Moral of the Story : People should be more like the nice, smiling faces behind the counter at Taylor's Cleaners. A smile. A nice gesture. And standing behind what you stand for. It matters. 

Thanks for listening :)


Sips & Strokes Trip #1...

Last Friday night...

Erin, Brooke, Jessica and I went to Sips and Strokes and painted this...

I love Sips & Strokes!! Love it. 

Tomorrow Susie Q and I are going. She has been out of town for a week so I thought it would be something fun and new to do...

We will be painting a funky peacock.

SOO much has happened in the past week...

Here is a list of posts to come:

  • a new four legged family member who his an alabama fan georgia bull dog
  • paula deen + me = smile on RD's face :) 
  • work and all that comes along with that
  • Eddie Rabbit, a vinyl, and good friends

Though the list may seem random.. wait what I am saying?

I am random! 

See you soon! :)


Recap on life...

What I have been up to...

I have spent lots of time with my two favorite boys {Mattson & Payson}.

Went to a wedding reception and took pictures only to find out that the lens was horribly broken. 

I found out it would take 3-5 weeks to get it back. I almost cried. But it's better than buying a $500 or more lens.

I have worked everyday. I am ready to be done with training. I like my job though.

I went to a rodeo and the zoom broke on my point and snap pocket book camera {as I call it} so it looks like I was on the bull with RD, but then it worked fine on Cooper's ride. {idk.}

I bought some big curlers because i am OVER straight hair. And my hair is baby fine straight too. Uhh.

I have a mind set to become debt free ;)

I spent quality time with my BFF {and her sweet boys}. 

Ate hamburgers and cupcakes with Phil {Matt, RD, the boys, Heather, Kassidy and Cardson included} before he heads off to Costa Rica... and my little cousin Cade came to visit.

That's about it... 

I don't have any pictures because the one I wanted to post is not photoshopped yet..

Hope your week is grand :) 

I am tired. 


Tomorrow the music will be put to rest....

At around 9 in the morning... 
{while I am working wishing I was watching the live coverage}
The King of Pop will be laid to rest. 

I know there are mixed emotions and words of hate often times directed at this man.
{even after his death which completely blows my mind!} 
But for the record... 
I hope he moon walked through the pearly gates :)

Rest in peace Michael Jackson.


Yellow is yummy....

I am the maid of honor in my cousin Heidi's wedding. There are only 2 girls out of 10 grandchildren on my Momma's side of the family. Lots of boys. So we are really close... she is also an only child so she refers to me as her little sister. We don't always get along and she can't understand why I am so honest and to the point.. or why I say whatever I want... or why I am mean {more so when I was younger than now :)} but nevertheless we are close. Sister close at times. She is also more dramatic where I am more chill... this concept blows her mind. But I love her so I am stepping up to the plate to tackle the task of being maid of honor in wedding that has 14 bridesmaids, 14 groomsmen, and some 750 invited guests. Yes 750.

She is couture wedding dress designer. Her work is amazing. Seriously. As the maid of honor I will be wearing a couture dress for the wedding followed by a sassy little number for the reception. Everyone is to wear fun shoes and everyone had to choose a color. Since I know the color of the skirt and dresses {navy blue}... I chose yellow. I love navy and yellow.

These fun guys are on their way...

Yah for yellow! 

Sweet angels...

Thursday morning I was receiving text messages from Erin. She was giving me step by step of Melissa's process in the delivery room. Erin was standing in hallway with ear to the door.. I was at work. All the while, wishing I was standing in the hallway with Erin.

At around 10 or so.. this angel was born...

Gracie Lee Phillips
8lb 5oz
20 inches
She is absolutely beautiful! Melissa did well and is doing fine. I held this sweet angel and marveled at the fact that Melissa is now a Mommy. Time flies. I got to the hospital around 4 and left around 6.

After leaving I began my trek down to the beach for the 4th. That's when Erin called me again. She was still at the hospital. Gracie Lee had been transferred into the NICU. Her breathing had been speeding up. It was in need of monitoring. It was then they discovered she had fluid in her lungs. She was placed on anti-biotics and IV's. My heart ached for Melissa and the baby. She was so perfect and then this? 


In the meantime, around 9 or so...

Amanda {melissa's sister} was in the room next door delivering Brennan via c-section. He was 7lbs even and 21 inches. He was transfered directly to the NICU for heavy breathing and fluid in his lungs. His white blood count was off and he too was placed on anti-biotics. {I don't have a picture of this little guy because he was sent directly to the NICU.}

Both babies are still in the NICU as of today. Gracie Lee is showing great progress and almost has her breathing back to a normal level . I have not gotten any update on Brennan as of now. 

Keep these two babies in your prayers and their mommies!

{Is this not crazy? 2 sisters. 2 babies. Same birthday. Both in NICU.}

Please pray :)


Happy Birthday MoeMoe...


These are my best friends. This is us on a random Memphis trip that I will never forget. We don't get to see or talk to each other everyday. We don't get to hang out every minute of every weekend. We don't get to take random road trips like we were once known for. But we are friends. Best friends.

We all took our own little paths and are now grown and happy. One is married. One is a RN. And the other just graduated and got her first real job {that she loves by the way :)}.

Did I mention that it's one of their birthdays? Moe is 23 today. Usually we would be at the beach dancing our tails off and talking to every single person we saw. Cramming our faces with seafood and getting away with whatever we wanted. But not this year....

Moe is about to have a baby girl! Tomorrow actually. Keep her in your prayers :)

Happy Birthday MoeMoe! 
I love you :)