a Monday from...

you can complete the title yourself :)

{my take on it = not so much blog friendly}

**Click here : Pray for Hope and send up a prayer. (This is my neighbor's cousin blog.) This little girl needs prayer**

I woke up this morning, showered, dressed and gathered muddy rodeo clothes. Drove through Cresswell to Childersburg... almost made it onto Hwy 280.


There was a girl lying in the road. Explorer lying on it's side. It had rolled about 50 or so feet until it finally stopped.

Wake up call HARD CORE!!!

Apparently, she had lost total control and was ejected from her vehicle. When I arrived on the scene another woman was just getting there as well. I called 911 and told them what had happened and also where we were located. Highway 85 - Harpersville (aka Cresswell).

The man on the other end of the line proceeded to tell me there was no Highway 85 in Shelby county... umm yes there is sir.. I LIVE ON IT!!

Uhh.. after finally getting him to just call Harpersville and tell them Cresswell - the 280 end. We had made some progress.

The girl on the other hand, was alert and able to walk. Her elbow was not doing so hot... seeing how it was protruding from her skin. Bone cut flesh trauma. Eww.

Not pleasant at 7 in the morning. Pleasant being the polar opposite actually.

Diapers were all over her vehicle. I was terrified that a baby was in there.

No. Just the part of the car seat where you attach the pumpkin seat - no baby, no pumpkin seat.

Thank God.

I waited for a minute. Saw that the other lady had it under control, she would stay and was now accompanied by another lady she works with.. I left.

{Be extremely careful in this road!! They are re-paving and left the shoulder hanging above the ground up to 1.5 feet in some places! You go off the road.. your best bet it to ride in the ditch until in lowers back down and come to a complete stop. This wreck happened and another wreck that left one lady dead. BE CAREFUL! Oh and we can thank the up and hopefully not coming quarry for the new road action!}

I continued on my way to Taylor's Cleaners in Childersburg and was once again reminded of why I go out of my way (and stumble upon all the random happenings of Cresswell) just so RD can have freshly starched rodeo attire, the smiling faces and sweet morning greetings from the employees.

A day in the office where the computer decided to crash ALL day.

However, I did manage to find a cute little birthday gift on my lunch break for a special girl!

Oh Monday... sweet and furious Monday :)


Katie said...

So sad about Hope, isn't it? Thank you so much for reposting here.....:-(

Anonymous said...

hi codie! i have never met you before but katie sent me the link to your blog and i saw where you asked people to pray for hope. i just wanted to say thank you so much. you are a blessing! :)