Recap on life...

What I have been up to...

I have spent lots of time with my two favorite boys {Mattson & Payson}.

Went to a wedding reception and took pictures only to find out that the lens was horribly broken. 

I found out it would take 3-5 weeks to get it back. I almost cried. But it's better than buying a $500 or more lens.

I have worked everyday. I am ready to be done with training. I like my job though.

I went to a rodeo and the zoom broke on my point and snap pocket book camera {as I call it} so it looks like I was on the bull with RD, but then it worked fine on Cooper's ride. {idk.}

I bought some big curlers because i am OVER straight hair. And my hair is baby fine straight too. Uhh.

I have a mind set to become debt free ;)

I spent quality time with my BFF {and her sweet boys}. 

Ate hamburgers and cupcakes with Phil {Matt, RD, the boys, Heather, Kassidy and Cardson included} before he heads off to Costa Rica... and my little cousin Cade came to visit.

That's about it... 

I don't have any pictures because the one I wanted to post is not photoshopped yet..

Hope your week is grand :) 

I am tired. 


Matt said...

I've noticed that summers when you are in school are laid back and nothing's going on. Summers as "adults" means that you are busier than ever.

Fields of Plenty said...

Follow us to our new home......

" a journey through the FIELDS....."