Happy Birthday MoeMoe...


These are my best friends. This is us on a random Memphis trip that I will never forget. We don't get to see or talk to each other everyday. We don't get to hang out every minute of every weekend. We don't get to take random road trips like we were once known for. But we are friends. Best friends.

We all took our own little paths and are now grown and happy. One is married. One is a RN. And the other just graduated and got her first real job {that she loves by the way :)}.

Did I mention that it's one of their birthdays? Moe is 23 today. Usually we would be at the beach dancing our tails off and talking to every single person we saw. Cramming our faces with seafood and getting away with whatever we wanted. But not this year....

Moe is about to have a baby girl! Tomorrow actually. Keep her in your prayers :)

Happy Birthday MoeMoe! 
I love you :)

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