Move over RD...

Mr. iPhone is here!!

Can I honestly tell you that I do not know how I made it without him thus far?

No lie.

I am big on texting. It saves voice boxes. (except when driving) I check my email about 100 times daily. I love to be able to check my bank account without listening to that stupid robot lady. I can pay all my bills from the the screen of my phone. Did I mention I can surf the Internet and it looks just like the screen of my mac? I can map quest, weather channel, play games with someone that lives in New Jersey, oh and Pandora radio, live football games, and my ipod all in one!?

Yes true story.. and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I love this guy. Not literally as much as RD but come to think of it...

He always agrees and never talks back :)

Totally trickin'! {Shelley stop laughing at me! Love you!}

RD is already making fun of my new obsession. I told him it was my equivalent of a bull :)

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Matt said...

I am very jealous. Maybe I'll get the iPhone 42s or something...