I did it..

Many people have heard about how good my mother can cook. RD brags on her all the time. I have gotten used to the fact that she cooks and we eat. As a child, I was outside all the time. I never came in unless it was too cold or it was time to eat. Even then, they MADE me come inside. I would go play outside until I could feel the seriousness in my mother's voice as she yelled from the back steps to the woods where I was always playing. I never have had a desire to be inside or much less in the kitchen helping my mother cook. My brother would help more than I would. I hated it.

This is now showing in my old age. RD loves to eat. I hate to cook. What's a girl to do?

I still hate hanging out in the kitchen, unless there is much needed to hear gossip being tossed about in the air. {None of you for a second better act like y'all don't do the same thing :)} I will arrive to the kitchen when it's time to eat. However, I have made it an effort to work on this. I mean after all, me and RD can't forever eat every meal with Susie and Creeddaddy. They will get tired of us.

So I sat down and thought about what I could cook...

Settled upon :

  • Ham and Cheese Chicken

  • Bacon Mashed Potatoes {served in sourdough bread bowl}

  • Baked Beans

I planned. I purchased. I prepared.

And the best part... RD loved it. And it was actually good!!! {He even took it for lunch!!}

I was SO happy :)

The very best part of it all though : he bragged about my cooking to Shawn at church! I was tickled pink. I almost cried and which Shawn found hilarious.

And the kicker: I actually enjoyed cooking.

I am getting old.



Ashley Waldrop said...

Sounds delicious..GO Cod.

Ashley Waldrop said...

ohh..Blaine Edward MacLeroy

Sue said...

This sounds and LOOKS delicious. If it helps to know...I couldn't cook when we married but I learned quickly.

Fields of Plenty said...

Girl, you can cook! That looks awesome!

Matt said...

Do you need someone to call AARP for you? Check with nursing homes to see if they have any beds available...? :)

Amy said...

Shawn told me all about this - before he said something to you. I am proud of you. Ryan did love it. I could cook things like ravioli and ramen when I got married... you learn quick. I've got lots of good home cooking, easy recipes I'd be happy to share. :) YAY for you and your new talent! Love you! :)