Baby Cousins...

A {long time} sweet and dear friend of mine, Ashley, is expecting her 2nd baby child {a baby boy}! Her sister, Sarah, is expecting her 1st baby child {a baby girl}! A few weeks ago, Ashley asked me to design a joint baby shower invitation for the shower being hosted by her Mom & Grandmother.

Here it is:

I sent it over to Ashley, who then sent it to her Mom. The shower was a Noah's Ark theme so I stuck 'em in a boat! :) And they both loved it! {YAY!}

I am so excited to meet both these sweet angels! AR is going to be such a sweet big sister/cousin!

One word... well 3...

{Roll Tide Roll}

Days like today...

{Cotton Gin 2008}

...make me want to grab my camera & go on an adventure!

{Hmmm... maybe I will have new black&whites to show soon!}



I {& Snuff} woke up bright and early and went straight to my garden. I wanted to have plenty of time to get everything I had panned for today taken care of.

I planted more tomato plants and one flower in a bucket that hangs on the pasture fence.

I cleaned up the edges of the garden and sprinkled ant killer on the all the ant beds around it.

Last but not least, I fertilized the garden just in time for the good rain that will be here on Saturday!

Picture posts to come soon!


Just can it...

1. Boil jars to sterilize...

2. Prepare the ingredients... 

3. Boil the jars again {with ingredients in them}...

4. Listen for the "pop" & keep up to one year or refrigerate up to 3 weeks....

5. Eat Yummy Salsa!!! :)  

{RD is going to pumped! The boy loves some salsa!!}



Today I planted my garden and I wanted so badly for you to come and see it. The entire time I was getting all the grass from the rows and seeding the soil, all I could think about was how you could make anything grow. You always had random jars in every window with what I assumed were dead sticks or "switches" but soon enough they turned green and "rooted". They were then planted and turned into plants that were carefully placed in one of your many flower beds. I always think about you. I know you're happy and you're at peace but it's still hard to believe that you are gone.

I even thought about my sweet neighbor today, who left us on the same day you left us. I couldn't remember if he liked "Big Boy" or "Better Boy" tomatoes, so I bought both. I actually had to catch myself from walking down past the pasture and across the road to ask.

Everyday I have to remind myself that you are gone. I miss you so very much. I know you are looking down from Heaven now and sending me a kiss. Tell my Papaw and Uncle Will that I love them very much. Tell my Codie Mother and Daddy Buck that I cannot wait to meet them oneday. Give all my friends a hug for me and tell them to behave.

Keep an eye on my garden and hopefully it will be half as good as your gardens were. Thank God for sending the rain and I will thank Him too.

I miss you my Mamaw and I love you very much.


Happy Birthday...

Yesterday was RDs 25th birthday! I made homemade spagetti, with salad and garlic breadsticks and a homemade cake made into a Copenhagen can :)

That says Snuff on it in red hots! {the actual Copenhagen type and his dogs name}

I was in a rush and had to apply the icing before it cooled and it totally messed it up... But it looks half way decent and was delicious! So life is good!

I will post pictures from his BBQ birthday party from last Thursday and this Thursday is dinner with Phillip&Heather! Can't wait!

The boy definetly had a full birthday week!!


I can't wait til...

Football season!!! I love summer, don't get me wrong, but I think about football season the entire time! A-Day is Saturday and I cannot wait to hear how well everyone does!! Maybe I can talk RD into stopping by T-Town on our way to the 2nd rodeo of the weekend!! :) RTR!!


Meet Snuff...

Tonight we celebrated RD's {early} birthday.

Two reasons:

  1. Susie Q & Creeddaddy will be out of town on his actual birthday {4.19}.
  2. And this guy could not be hidden that long!!
{Meet Snuff}
Snuff is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard.
{He is a cow dog.}
He is blue with amber eyes.
He is 11 weeks old.
He is sooo much fun!
He is very calm and loves his chew toy!
He hates his bandana but was a good boy and wore it anyways!
He is precious!
He came from South Mississippi.
He was a TOTAL surprise!
{RD has been wanting one for a while now.}
...and RD loves him!! 


He has risen...

{Happy Easter}



For Christmas Phillip {RD's Daddy} gave me a Summit gift card {one of my top 3 favorite things to get!!}. At the time, RD & I had recently started our Rodeo Productions Company {Rockin' D Rodeo Productions}. We held out first event January 22nd&23rd. It was awesome {deserves a post of it's own} and went better than we could have imagined our first event to go! Although we worked SO hard on everything, we still could not have done it with the help of SO many people.

We decided it was a MUST to send out thank you cards. We found fabulously simple, male yet classy tea stained cotton card set. We both loved them! They were perfect. However, they were plain and had no design. Then I discovered this guy.... three Designing ladies stamps at Swoozie's {by the way, they are going out of business. So, if you are at the Summit you MUST go by there!!}

I fell in love. Ordered it. Waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. Did I mention I waited? Waited. Got a call that Swoozie's was closing their doors and my stamp was not going to ship and that I would be refunded my money. Saddened and with a slight case of depression I went in to get my money back {which I had already re-spent in my head} and what do you know! My stamp had came in!!!

Pardon the blurriness... I used the ole iPhone :)

With stamp in hand I walked on out {after looking through all the fabulous deals first!} and love it even more in person! Sadly, I will not be sending out thank you cards anymore. The event was in January and time got away from us... and the fact that we didn't have our stamp to decorate our thank you cards until March 31st!!! But we're all set for next January {but hopefully we will have more events before then!!}

However, you should check out this company! three Designing women 

And then go to Swoozie's and check out the fabulous savings!!!

{Happy Easter! Jesus loves you!}