Today I planted my garden and I wanted so badly for you to come and see it. The entire time I was getting all the grass from the rows and seeding the soil, all I could think about was how you could make anything grow. You always had random jars in every window with what I assumed were dead sticks or "switches" but soon enough they turned green and "rooted". They were then planted and turned into plants that were carefully placed in one of your many flower beds. I always think about you. I know you're happy and you're at peace but it's still hard to believe that you are gone.

I even thought about my sweet neighbor today, who left us on the same day you left us. I couldn't remember if he liked "Big Boy" or "Better Boy" tomatoes, so I bought both. I actually had to catch myself from walking down past the pasture and across the road to ask.

Everyday I have to remind myself that you are gone. I miss you so very much. I know you are looking down from Heaven now and sending me a kiss. Tell my Papaw and Uncle Will that I love them very much. Tell my Codie Mother and Daddy Buck that I cannot wait to meet them oneday. Give all my friends a hug for me and tell them to behave.

Keep an eye on my garden and hopefully it will be half as good as your gardens were. Thank God for sending the rain and I will thank Him too.

I miss you my Mamaw and I love you very much.


Anonymous said...

Codie, I cried when I read your post you write beautifully! I love you. MawMaw and Papa are both so proud of what we have become.


Sue said...

Sweet, sweet post. I'm sure you are alot like your MawMaw because you are pretty special! I saw you out there working away yesterday as I walked.

Katie said...

I read this and cried. Special people left us that day, didn't they? Thank you so much for loving my grandfather too.

And he loved "better boys." I shared that with my momma, and she smiled.