It works...

Last night after dinner I was so tired. Ryan and I took a little nap. Then he went home to gather his gear for his day long hunting adventure today. I lied around and played with my camera and messed with my blog. I was thinking. I was thinking about someone that has been in my life from the very beginning. Someone I see every year maybe two or three times. Someone I know but only because her mother tells me stuff about her when I ask. I have been to all of her homes and know her husband and her dog, but I really know nothing personal about her. I mean minor details.. yes I know the basic. But really know know them... no. Not like I know the equal on the other side. Bt last night, I said a quick prayer. Not really knowing exactly why I was praying about her and situation but just prayed.

Today in the mail, there was a letter from that person. They offered thanks and a quick message that said "I wish we could spend more time together, so we could get to know each other better."

Prayer = Answers.


A marble...

On Christmas Eve, my Mamaw gave out marbles. She had a big bowl of marbles on the table the entire night. No one really thought anything about it. We just assumed it was decoration. Then she told us all to come into the kitchen... or try to fit in there all together... and listen to her. She handed us all two marbles. 
She said to keep one and to pass the other one on to
 someone we care about. 
The marble had a meaning and a purpose. 
We were to carry it on our pocket or purse to remind us how Jesus died for us.
 It is a reminder to pass on the Word to others who might not know. 
A reminder that Jesus loves us.
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son 
and whosoever believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." 
John 3:16

Have you thought about it yet....

.... we are about to start another new year! Do you have any plans? Do you have any goals? Are you making a resolution or are you throwing them out the window cause you realize that for past decade you have set a resolution.. and yeah nothing came of that. 

As for me... I don't think I have ever kept a new year's resolution... at least not one I was aware I was keeping. I have goals though. My main goal being to FINISH college and NEVER go back again! 


I want to take so many pictures. I am talking so many that my computer does not want to hold them ad my camera does not want to snap anymore. I want to fill my entire wall in my bedroom with black and white still life shots. Not just of anything but of things I love, admire and aspire. 

I want to cook more. I mean I have to face it... I may never be the cook my Momma is... but watching and not helping is not going to make me get any better. I also want to learn how to decorate and bake really pretty cakes. I think I was a pastry chef in my first life. My Momma says she was a gangsta... seriously she said that. I guess in our second time around we traded places.


I want to go to New York. I want to eat a piece of pizza from a street vendor because yes they are the best kind of pizza. I want to take a taxi to 5th Avenue and walk into the largest Chanel store in America. I am not going to say now that I will buy my dream bag... because I won't be able to afford it. But I will look... and try on every bag in that place!

I also want to buy an awesomely, unique pair of stilettos while I am visiting.... fyi.

I want to be less quick to judge and more quick to pray.

I want to be more happy than sad... which I usually am happy and in my own little world... but I should be more happy :)

I want to be more positive and more helpful. I want to tell more people about the Lord Jesus Christ. He saves ya know...

I want to make a difference... 

I want to read more... the classics, the new age, and all that lies between.

I want to start saving money... at least a little anyway.

I want to get closer to landing my dream job.... I think the economy will need a miracle before that happens... so I will pray on that note... everyday.

I want to be the one people remember because of how I smiled so much... I am currently the one they remember because of the snarling look I can give and amaze them with the size of my nostrils (aka RD and Nicholas). 

That was random... but it's something I plan to work on.... 


I want to wish everyone a VERY happy new year!!! I will blog again... next year :)


Ok... here is an idea....

Your thoughts...

is this something close to what you are looking for?

If not.. what do i need to change?

If so... where do you want me to send it?



Oh Christmas is over...

ok... Christmas was wonderful! I spent Christmas Eve painting elephants and driving to Hayden to have Christmas Eve dinner Breakfast with my Momma's side of the family. We usually play dirty Santa but this year decided to have our own version of sips and strokes... where you paint a picture. Everyone painted whatever they wanted and then we drew numbers to decide who got which lovely piece of artwork.... I got my uncle Frog's. It was funny because he painted two dinosaurs with a palm tree and named them Codie and Heidi (the only other girl grand child). 

Then on Christmas day... I woke up to Ryan calling... which was lucky for my brother cause I warned him that if he came in and woke me up at the crack of dawn like he had been doing for last 17 years... it was war! Anyways... we had a fun and exciting Christmas morning. Ryan even showed up to give me a present... a beautiful black pearl ring! I was so excited that he do not make me wait until Christmas night! 

Then me and the fam went down to my Nannie's house for lunch....

I absolutely love this lady! She is awesome! Words cannot explain. Put it this way.. she prepares a huge meal everytime we eat go to eat with her... and I always have my VERY OWN bowl of instant potatoes... because yes... i like the fake ones better than the real ones!

Then I came home and played with my new camera and wii fit... which is totally addicting by the way.... so much fun! Chase and I tried to figure out this digital picture frame my dad got Susie.. no luck... we can get it to show a slideshow, but we made it show the weather... idk.
Then I went to Nan and Paps for Christmas dinner with Ryan and his family. Then we came back to my house for Christmas with Ryan... this is when he gets all his presents and gives the fam their presents from him... He got my mother a red ryder bb gun. She is in love with it. She has a case for it and little cool target things.. she also has 4000 bb's. It is so so stinkin funny! 

This is us trying to figure out the digital frame... yeah no luck.. again... notice RD's glasses... he was pretending to be Creeddaddy i think... 

I had an awesome Christmas. 

The day after Christmas I went to visit Shelley and the boys. I had so much playing with all the toys. It literally looks like Toys R Us exploded in their house! So much fun! Especially this Super Mario game for DS that Anna got... yeah we're addicted to it. Then we went shopping and to the Olive Garden... yummy! 

p.s. i watched the Christmas Story 4 times all the way through... I never turned my TV off while it was on and RD refused to watch it with me. I love that movie.

A present for Payson...

Ok... wow... Christmas is over! I am sad. I didnt even feel like it was Christmas until the day after... anyways so much happened and all together it was an awesome time! 

I wanted to share a project I did in my absence from my blog... sorry! (It was so funny... real quick... this morning at church Mrs. Sue asked me if my computer as broken! I think if I had not been at church she was going to gather a search and rescue crew! I have been neglecting my blog the past few days.)....

Ok back to the point... several months ago Shelley and I were shopping at Goody's on a random Saturday night shopping trip to Sylacagua. . There was this precious little elephant on a baby blanket. However, the blanket and elephant were both pink.... but it was just so cute. She decided it would be fabulous if Payson (her youngest son) had an elephant to hang in his room... so that is what he got for Christmas!

This is a close up of his ear... 

I forgot to buy ribbon to hang it from... because I am scatter brained ... but anyways just pretend... 


The next best thing...

My friend April Nicole really wanted this pink gun.... however the gun was very expensive and everyone she asked to buy it said no. It was like a real gun... like the kind you kill deers with. Anyways... my friend Jayme and I decided we would buy her a pink BB gun. Well... obviously pink BB guns are the hit Christmas item this year. We waited around and missed out on getting one. So we got the next best thing... An original Red Ryder BB. 
I added some glitz and glam... the two glitters (pink and white...) came together to make red... not the original plan.... but it'll work. Instead of a pink gun, she will be getting an one of a kind, Alabama Roll Tide Red Ryder BB gun! 

*** special thanks to Shelley and Matt for bringing me a bottle of Elmer's glue from Walmart at 10:00 at night... without you this mission would not have been accomplished! :) ***

I just had to share this very random, unique BB gun.


A Wii bit of a win....

Today was a an eventful day. I got up at 8... went to Lighthouse Community Church to see my little brother's Christmas musical. He had a solo and did an awesome job! It was all together a very enjoyable and unique program. Then I went to my church. Then me and RD went to Uncle Monk's to eat, only to trade plates in the middle of our meal because I decided I wanted roast and he decided he wanted chicken and dressing. It was quite funny. Then we went and took our usually Sunday nap. I talked him out of going hunting... actually the wind talked him out of going hunting but I will take credit :) Then we went to Nan and Paps for birthday cake. (It is Pap's birthday.) And then we had a dinner date with Susie and Creeddaddy. She made salad just like the Olive Garden with alfredo dipping sauce and breadsticks. AWESOME. And chicken tetrizini... yes i know that is spelt horribly wrong. Say it like I spelt it and it will make sense. Then it was GAME ON....

Let me go back first.... several months ago we got a Wii. RD and I had intensive matches with every sport game that we had. He won almost everything.... especially baseball. However there is one game he cannot beat me at... and i love it. Bowling. That is my bag. Not only do I beat him... I brutally beat him. LOVE IT!!!

Chase took a picture of the final score.... then texted it to me when we were on the way back to Ryan's house.... it was awesome. 

I am the cute one with pig tails... he is the one is the shades :)


A present for Cash...

Ok... so... I had to work from 6:30 to 6:00. I hate working all day. I think it should be illegal. Or at least it should be a law that we get an hour lunch followed by a nap. Mandatory. Anyways... I felt awful all day and was trying to make the best of it and did a pretty good job. I just kept thinking that there were a couple of more gifts to wrap when I got home and I had to make Cash's gift. 

Cash is my friend Jayme's son. He is 4 months old. He doesn't need clothes. Toys are not really that exciting to a 4 month old who pretty much can be entertained with  a bottle, a bink, or a ceiling fan.... and did I mention Jayme made me swear not to buy either of her children toys. So what was I to do... So i decided to make him something for his room.

His room is very creative and unique. It is like an antique red color with black trim and baseboards. He has a black ceiling fan and a black door. On the walls are black and white pictures of old cars, trucks, and other vintage things to do with cars and trucks. It does not sound very babyish but you throw a black crib in the corner and a black rocker by the window... and you will fall in love. He has a black toy box with diamond plate on the front. My dad made this for Jayme when she first found out she was having a boy. Jayme's husband cut his name out in diamond plate and the letters sit on a shelf leaning against the wall. He also has a night light. A red light. An actual red light ... like the ones that stop you on 280 every 30 yards or so...except it is older. It glows with soft light that makes the room very cozy and inviting. 

With all this in mind.. and the colors red, black and white. I set out to create a gift suitable for such a room and a sweet little man. I decided he needed a picture of himself... being such a handsome little man... and a picture of his sister because she is the sweetest little girl ever. I figured if I stayed with color scheme I would be ok without using the cars and trucks. I think I succeeded. 

I had so much making this!  :)


My own little workshop...

Ok so.... Today was an awesome day. Awesome. I slept late. Woke up and ate a boiled egg and some toast because those are the only things my mother and I could find in this house. Got a shower. Got all comfy yet cute in a dress, with some leggings and cozy flats. Then me and Susie headed to Birmingham. We had only one thing on the agenda... Eat at Olive Garden. We had 3 bowls of salad and two dishes of dipping alfredo sauce. And waaay too many breadsticks to mention. :) We then ran into the Galleria and I bought her a prize from my Dad (who is currently in Texas working) while she was in the bathroom. I almost got caught. Then we headed home after spying the cutest dress ever and getting it on sale for $28 originally $99. Go us.  

Then Coco wrapped presents... for hours. Literally hours. Good thing I enjoy wrapping presents. I sat in my room and wrapped presents. Chase would stop in and chat then Susie. RD stopped by to get a key to the shop. Susan would come back in and chat... I never stopped wrapping. I had a system going. I even hummed a carol every now and then... but mostly listened to CSI. It stayed on a while then I enjoyed a rather disturbing Criminal Minds that I now wish I had not watched. ... anyways.... I got a lot accomplished. Every gift is ready except for 2 but they will handled tomorrow or for sure by Saturday. Oh and Ryan's final gift is somewhere on a UPS truck between here and South Carolina Not sure where because the UPS site is choosing to leave out the details. All I know is that for some unknown reason this package traveled North to Virginia and is currently not traveling South..... which equals not good... so we'll see....

Yah!! Almost finished!!! I cannot wait until Christmas... oh and there are more....

 These guys won't fit under the tree. Well they will but then I cannot open the door to the porch ... so they are posted up on the sidelines. :)


An RTR Christmas...

Ok so... I am at work. All day. 8-6. Bored out of my little mind! I brought my computer today and then begged my boss to give me the internet wireless password. (she gave in and gave it to me and then i felt like an idiot for not cracking it by myself.... it was that simple) Anyways.. I played around with Illustrator because I really want to know more about that program. I made my first solo document using the program. It did not turn our quite like I hoped but I really kinda still like it. It RTR... how can one not? I miss football season so bad. It's kinda sad....
Anyways... I am thinking about making this look WAAAY better and then it using it as a gift tag. I am just pumped I figured out how to use Illustrator a little more. I need to become less Photoshop dependent.... like way less. Ok... I should get back to work now.... should :)


A very sweet treat...

Ok... so last night me and RD went to eat at Golden Rule and then stopped by Walmarts. We have been wanting some cookies for a minute so we got some of those slice and bake. We got home. I cooked the cookies and ate one. He ate like 4. Then tonight we were sitting at my Christmas dinner for work and he asked me if I had looked in my purse today. I was like well yeah of course. He just smiled and said please hand me your purse. He pulled out a bag of cookies. WOW... i had gone ALL day with cookies in my purse. That is when you KNOW you need to clean that joker out! Anyways I thought this was the sweetest most random treat...ever.... 


I really wanted them...

Ok... so this past Thursday  I drove to Tuscaloosa, picked up my art portfolio so it would not be trashed over break and then met my cousin Heidi in Birmingham to shop. We went to several places and found lots of great deals. I was really into the Christmas spirit and was doing an awesome job of NOT buying prizes for myself. This is something that is really hard for to do. Then I stumbled onto the shoe aisle of Marshalls. There they were... now I am warning you ... they look like horrible witch shoes in this picture... but in real life... OMG they are amazing! And get even better once they on your feet.... However... i thought about how good I had been all afternoon. And how I had not bought myself one thing. And decided it best that they stay on the shelf on the 3rd aisle of shoes in the section marked 7.5 about 6 shelves high... i miss them. 
They also had them in purple. Which I loved almost as equally as the black ones. They were so cute with the little dress I had pictured from my closet and maybe possibly some tights action... or without... I might need to go get them. After Christmas. 


Brown paper packages...

....tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things!

Ok... so Memaw (what I call myself...) stayed in her warm room all night and wrapped Christmas gifts and watched House. I am going with the theme of one of my favorite songs ever... the one from The Sound of Music . I have always liked this movie. Idk.. they even took me to see the play when i was younger. I mean Memaw loved it. Now... I just really like the song. 

Anyways... I decided this year I would keep it simple and chic with the gift wrapping. It is my favorite part of the whole present exchange process. However this year... I am giving several pictures and frames as gifts. Frames are not so fun to wrap. 

I thought I would share what I have so far... I am no where near completed with this task. 

As a matter of fact.. I am still waiting on 3 gifts to be shipped! I really hope they make it by Christmas... otherwise Susie Q (my momma), RD and Chase are going to be getting after Christmas prizes! 


A blue crimmues tree....

This year I decided to surprise my Nannie and get her a Christmas tree. I went to Walmart on my lunch break and got her  tree. I wanted to get a real one but she would kill me if I brought a real tree into her house. She would determine right then and there that the tree was the cause of all and any ale-ment. So i opted with the whole fake, pre-lite genre. I originally had a pretty pink one. I gathered a variety of silver ornaments and fake glittery snow for a tree skirt. I also grabbed some little silver presents since there will not be any there until Christmas morning. It needed something under there. Then as I was getting off work I randomly remembered a comment she once made about pink. Something about how it is everywhere and how it is over rated. I quickly called her and said blue or pink? She quickly responded with blue. 

I went to her house and decorated the tree while she watched me. She swore for the first hour it was green then determined it was blue... no doubt about it she said... that tree looks like a smurf. It was so much fun. I laughed so hard! Anyways... I just wanted to share her little blue crimmus tree with yall :)


You'll shoot your eye out...

Ok... for those of you who do not know... I am obsessed with the movie "A Christmas Story". Like when it comes on for 24 hours.. I literally catch at least 18 hours of that. I can recite every line. People hate watching this movie with me. Hate it. I am saying the lines right along with Ralphie! So... with this knowledge in mind... my sweet Momma bought all the fixings at Wally World for this tree. I had no idea she was going to do this. When I got home... she had completed this masterpiece... minus the gold tinsle (not quite sure how to spell that)... which she saved for me... because i love throwing things :) 

This is the tree skirt... love it.

The star on the top looks sooo much like the one in the movie... 

Ok.. I tried to get some good ones of the ornaments.. but my camera is being stupid. But as you can see.. there is Red Rider BB Gun ornament. There are also ones of the leg lamp (that light up), the fragile box the lamp was delivered in, and the radio where Ralphie listened to the radio program. Also.... there are a few mini lunch boxes... one of which has a picture of Flick with his tongue stuck to the pole outside of school! Love it!!!

This is Ralphie in his Pink Bunny costume his Aunt sent him.

This is the leg lamp lit up. There are 2 strands of them on the tree. The tassles are even real! :)

I am in love with this tree. I think when I move out and get my own house to decorate for Christmas, that this will be my main tree. Haha.. no really. I want it to be. :)