Oh Christmas is over...

ok... Christmas was wonderful! I spent Christmas Eve painting elephants and driving to Hayden to have Christmas Eve dinner Breakfast with my Momma's side of the family. We usually play dirty Santa but this year decided to have our own version of sips and strokes... where you paint a picture. Everyone painted whatever they wanted and then we drew numbers to decide who got which lovely piece of artwork.... I got my uncle Frog's. It was funny because he painted two dinosaurs with a palm tree and named them Codie and Heidi (the only other girl grand child). 

Then on Christmas day... I woke up to Ryan calling... which was lucky for my brother cause I warned him that if he came in and woke me up at the crack of dawn like he had been doing for last 17 years... it was war! Anyways... we had a fun and exciting Christmas morning. Ryan even showed up to give me a present... a beautiful black pearl ring! I was so excited that he do not make me wait until Christmas night! 

Then me and the fam went down to my Nannie's house for lunch....

I absolutely love this lady! She is awesome! Words cannot explain. Put it this way.. she prepares a huge meal everytime we eat go to eat with her... and I always have my VERY OWN bowl of instant potatoes... because yes... i like the fake ones better than the real ones!

Then I came home and played with my new camera and wii fit... which is totally addicting by the way.... so much fun! Chase and I tried to figure out this digital picture frame my dad got Susie.. no luck... we can get it to show a slideshow, but we made it show the weather... idk.
Then I went to Nan and Paps for Christmas dinner with Ryan and his family. Then we came back to my house for Christmas with Ryan... this is when he gets all his presents and gives the fam their presents from him... He got my mother a red ryder bb gun. She is in love with it. She has a case for it and little cool target things.. she also has 4000 bb's. It is so so stinkin funny! 

This is us trying to figure out the digital frame... yeah no luck.. again... notice RD's glasses... he was pretending to be Creeddaddy i think... 

I had an awesome Christmas. 

The day after Christmas I went to visit Shelley and the boys. I had so much playing with all the toys. It literally looks like Toys R Us exploded in their house! So much fun! Especially this Super Mario game for DS that Anna got... yeah we're addicted to it. Then we went shopping and to the Olive Garden... yummy! 

p.s. i watched the Christmas Story 4 times all the way through... I never turned my TV off while it was on and RD refused to watch it with me. I love that movie.

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