The next best thing...

My friend April Nicole really wanted this pink gun.... however the gun was very expensive and everyone she asked to buy it said no. It was like a real gun... like the kind you kill deers with. Anyways... my friend Jayme and I decided we would buy her a pink BB gun. Well... obviously pink BB guns are the hit Christmas item this year. We waited around and missed out on getting one. So we got the next best thing... An original Red Ryder BB. 
I added some glitz and glam... the two glitters (pink and white...) came together to make red... not the original plan.... but it'll work. Instead of a pink gun, she will be getting an one of a kind, Alabama Roll Tide Red Ryder BB gun! 

*** special thanks to Shelley and Matt for bringing me a bottle of Elmer's glue from Walmart at 10:00 at night... without you this mission would not have been accomplished! :) ***

I just had to share this very random, unique BB gun.

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Sue said...

THIS IS PRICELESS....she will love it! Only YOU would think of doing something like this. Wish I could see her face when she opens it.