I really wanted them...

Ok... so this past Thursday  I drove to Tuscaloosa, picked up my art portfolio so it would not be trashed over break and then met my cousin Heidi in Birmingham to shop. We went to several places and found lots of great deals. I was really into the Christmas spirit and was doing an awesome job of NOT buying prizes for myself. This is something that is really hard for to do. Then I stumbled onto the shoe aisle of Marshalls. There they were... now I am warning you ... they look like horrible witch shoes in this picture... but in real life... OMG they are amazing! And get even better once they on your feet.... However... i thought about how good I had been all afternoon. And how I had not bought myself one thing. And decided it best that they stay on the shelf on the 3rd aisle of shoes in the section marked 7.5 about 6 shelves high... i miss them. 
They also had them in purple. Which I loved almost as equally as the black ones. They were so cute with the little dress I had pictured from my closet and maybe possibly some tights action... or without... I might need to go get them. After Christmas. 

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Sue said...

Don't wait until after Christmas....Go get them NOW! They are too cute!!!