It works...

Last night after dinner I was so tired. Ryan and I took a little nap. Then he went home to gather his gear for his day long hunting adventure today. I lied around and played with my camera and messed with my blog. I was thinking. I was thinking about someone that has been in my life from the very beginning. Someone I see every year maybe two or three times. Someone I know but only because her mother tells me stuff about her when I ask. I have been to all of her homes and know her husband and her dog, but I really know nothing personal about her. I mean minor details.. yes I know the basic. But really know know them... no. Not like I know the equal on the other side. Bt last night, I said a quick prayer. Not really knowing exactly why I was praying about her and situation but just prayed.

Today in the mail, there was a letter from that person. They offered thanks and a quick message that said "I wish we could spend more time together, so we could get to know each other better."

Prayer = Answers.

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Sue said...

WOW....that is awesome. It is so neat when God lets us know that He hears when we talk to Him.