I got home at 2 in the morning from a rodeo in Andalusia, Alabama.

I slept and ate muffins.

I showered, got dressed and wrapped a present.

I went to the sweetest baby boy's 1st birthday party! (i will post pictures later.. i got some good ones Shelley!)

Then I helped tune some drums with RD.

Then I changed clothes and heels and re-did my hair.

Now I am waiting on RD to come get me for.. another rodeo!

gotta go.. gotta go... gotta rodeo :)

** better, more in depth post to come later :) **


oh what to do...

I posted this picture because it seems to be peaceful and relaxing. The opposite of what I feel right now. What I wish I felt. I have a lot on my mind and a great deal to say... so here I go...

As most of you know, I HATE COLLEGE. 

I think about May 9 possibly at least once every minute of every day! I dream of being able to get up 5 days a week and go to work. I know some of you are thinking that I have lost my mind and have no idea what I am thinking, but really I am tired of reading about things I have interest in then having to write about them like I care. I am sick of art projects that have nothing to do with advertising or graphic design, in other words, painting. I am over it. I would probably not feel this way had my class been any time other that 8 in the morning. I cannot wait to take pictures after I graduate with my Momma, my Creeddaddy, Chazz, RD and my Mamaw and my Nannie! Those are the ones that kept telling me to keep going when I wanted to drop out of college and forget that Tuscaloosa even existed (except for football season!). Then I look at how things are currently in our great nation. Had I been an excellent student and took 21 hours a semester, I would have a job right now. However, I did not take 21 hours a semester. I mostly took 12 to 15. I am graduating a year behind what society thinks you should graduate (4 years). However, current trends show that the average college student, that does not take a break, graduates one semester to one year behind the expected schedule (just so you will know). I am average. Go me. Anyways... currently, the economy sucks. Sorry. There is not other way to say it. No one is hiring where I have dreamed of working. No one has a job posting for what I have dreamed of doing as my profession. Unless, I move away. NOT AN OPTION! There is no way. So what to do... I have been contemplating the thought of graduate school at UA for Advertising. This would mean a Master's Degree and a huge portfolio and jammin' resume. This also means 2 more years of college. Eww. Good and bad, all at once. Also, there is the thought of ditching advertising all together when I graduate and find a career doing something else. Anything that is hiring pretty much. 

I have so much to complete before May. Assignment, side jobs, work and decisions alike, there is a lot on my plate! I have not mentioned this idea to anyone yet, until now. However, I did tell RD I wanted to be a pharmacist. He laughed really hard and said go for it. We all know that won't happen. No way. Way to much school and not enough brain power :)

oh what to do... 


Do work son...

Let me first explain.... every time RD goes to a rodeo, whether I am there or not, I always talk to him before he rides. Whether when he is getting out the truck at the rodeo or whether I am patiently awaiting the end of the rodeo for good part... I always say "Do work son!" (This quirky comment taken from one of our favorite shows, "Rob and Big".) That's the modern take on "cowboy up". I am over that saying. Enough about that... you just need to know...

Anyways... He went to his last appointment for physical therapy today. He is cleared to ride again! Yah! I hope this season goes as good as last year except for the last day of it. That could have been much better but thank God it was no worse! The physical therapist asked him to bring a picture of him riding and one of him to hang on the wall with all the other pictures they have of people and how there were injured.

So last night we came up with this... However, the one he took to them did not have his signature. But Coco added that after he left and sent it to his email this morning :)

How flippin' cool is that? Now all we need is for the PBR to call.... that'd be nice :) Rodeos start back this weekend... yah :(

A present for Erin...

This weekend was my good friend Erin's 23rd birthday. She was down and out because he boyfriend was sent to Texas to work for 3 to 4 months. He does not have time to come home on the weekends and it is really expensive to fly back. In an effort to make her smile, Melissa decided to have a small get together at her house. We had a good time. I was in charge of getting the birthday cake. Melissa is pregnant and instructed me on getting a cookie cake or else... so I did. But they only had small ones so I also bought Barbie hot colored cupcakes. :)

This is what I made for Erin for her birthday... because I am poor, she loves pink, and she loves this picture. We were Juniors in high school.... waaay long time ago :) It is missing Jennifer from it. I remember this night... and we were actually waiting on her before we ventured off on one of our random nights that probably consisted of us riding around being stupid...


This was our quote for everything dumb we did in high school... Every bad day was brighten with a smile over something crazy the other one or ones did... Fun times... Old times. 

Now Erin is an RN at St. Vincent's, Melissa is married and expecting her first child (a baby girl named Gracie Lee due June 30), and me and Jennifier am about to graduate college... 

We are growing up. Scary. 


Oh painting...

A whole lot of this...


Plus some canvas... will hopefully come together to somewhat resemble these 5 masterpieces... haha... hopefully :)
As if going to Art 216 (Painting) two days a week from 8 - 10:45 was not enough... I have to do home assignments on top of the given class assignments! I have to make "Old Master Copies"! Five of them! This means: choose 5 different artist from anywhere between the 13th and 19th centuries. Choose an artwork from each artist. Then... paint it! Ahhh....

So now on top of everything I have to do this semester... I now get to attempt to make the masterpieces of the old master's... again... Lord help me!

All the same...

Known for his interesting images... of the famous, the rich and the popular....

...his diverse methods of paintings and willingness to stand out from the crowd....

He spoke his opinion and was not afraid to be different... his odd opinions were usually how somehow strongly relevant....

He was also known for his sort of advertising like Pop Art... He was an odd man. Very few words. He used large images. They almost overwhelmed the viewer, but at the same time you are dazzled. They shine and sparkle. They bomb bard you with information and leave you wanting to know more. 

By the end, he was deemed a celebrity. His image became bigger than what he was and what he could handle. People would dress up like him and attend public places for him. He was no longer free to be him. He retired from painting in 1965 and went into film work. However, he took away from film like he took away form painting, except unlike the painting, this method did not work. 

To see what type of film he did... click here

Interesting huh? It will make you think before you ever say you are bored again.... really. Nonetheless, Warhol later retreated to his home where he would stay in a sort of hiding after being shot. He later died from complications due to surgery to remove gal stones. 

"What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you know that the President drinks Coke, Liz Taylor drinks Coke, and just think, you can drink Coke, too. A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking. All the Cokes are the same and all the Cokes are good. Liz Taylor knows it, the President knows it, the bum knows it, and you know it...." -Andy Warhol 

He may have been strange and off in his own world, but he saw everyone as equal. He was so quickly judged, yet did not jump to judge people back. Maybe we could all learn something from Mr. Warhol... Here is was a man that always seemed to be messed up on drugs and always smiled and said "No, we don't do drugs" when asked, however he did not judge those around him. He merely points out the equality among the people that surrounded him.  

Andy Warhol
1928 - 1987


yellow is yummy....

...and i must have it! While making a return at Belk today, I saw him. It was love at first site and I MUST HAVE HIM! Coach. Of course the one I saw was black and stole my heart. I looked at the price and gathered myself to keep walking. Persuaded myself that today was not the day to splurge. Not today. Maybe another day. Maybe... Oh I wish it would have been today. Tried to talk RD into that it was like a cowboy hat... that you wear on your arm. No luck. He says you only need one hat. I have more than one. Came home and saw it online. In many colors. Yellow. Oh sweet yellow. Yellow goes well with black. Everything I own is black. I need to venture out form black. Especially in the purse department. I like yellow. I now love yellow. Yellow is happy. Yellow is sunshine. Yellow is yummy :)

And look at all that room... and the pocket book snap in the middle is my favorite part. Besides the yellow :)

So instead of splurging on my new found love... that I will go back and rescue from the boredom of sitting on a shelf... I went to Saks to spend the gift certificate my Dad got in the mail for $51 random dollars. Something because he has a credit card with them, he gets free stuff all the time. Anyways... I visited my good friends at the Chanel counter. I purchased eye liner that DOES NOT MOVE and this new shade of eye shadow

It took my mind off of ole' yella for a minute..... i miss him :(


An antique...

I have been meaning to post this for a few days now... but I have been super busy posting other things, doing homework, and keeping up with all the random jobs I have.. so here we go...

About a week or so ago, my Momma and Mamaw went antique shopping in Cullman, Alabama. They always find good stuff for good prices. But this trip would be the icing on the cake.... wow.

Momma called me as she was pulling into the yard and ask that RD come out and help Creeddaddy unload a prize she got me. I was thinking... what the world could this be?! 


Well they unloaded and i fell in love!

There she is! (With all my stuff sitting on her but still...) A beauty! And then Momma told me the kicker....

She was in good condition... sure she has a few dents and dings... there is a place where a flat iron or curling iron has damaged the wood (the joys of my dad being a wood working man, he can fix that ASAP)... but i like it because now thats just something that adds character and something i dont have to mess up.... i always forget to turn my flat iron off... oops....

But still that is not the big news..... a cute little shelf to place things....

See the damage... not bad... adds character... i like it :)

Pardon the girl sitting on her bed taking a picture.. she wanted you to get the full picture....
The mirrors are all oringal and it even came with the key to the top drawer!!! Wow...

OK... the kicker.... IT WAS LESS THAT $65! 

They bought this, a piano bench that is in mint condition, and some random little nick-nacks for $65. Love it! 

An interesting blog...

In case you need something new and interesting to gaze at while you patiently wait for that lovely time of day when you get to return back to your warm, cozy home... go here.

This blog came into my life in perfect timing. I had been thinking about the concept of photography and feet. Well not so much feet but more or less the shoes on the feet. You see I love shoes. And the idea of capturing the shoes in my desired environment, makes them all the more magical. 

Each day, several times a day, there are posts concerning feet, with or without shoes, in random spaces and environments.  

Very interesting. 

Your feet, or more or less our shoes, show a detail of you. Plain. Bright. Flat. High. Just another minor detail that makes up your personality. 

Because after all, our feet are always with us. They carry us through the day or in some way accompany us, even if we are not capable of using our feet, they are with us. They ache when they are over used and desired to covered with the finest of things... or at least something to keep them from the cold and protected from the hot. At least I hope you have feet. And if not, I am sorry to hear of such misfortune. 

Enjoy :)


A logo...

This is a logo I was hired to design for an up and coming online pet med company that is opening for our area. It is going to be set up like PetMeds but closer and more reasonable! For those of you with hurry friends, I will post more info on the company later. You might want to check into some of their prices! 

Happy Monday! 


Sweet boy...

Last night, RD and I went out for Valentine's Day... he decided this because he knew where I was gonna ask to go eat... and he knew that the wait for would be looong.... so he asked kindly that we go out tonight instead... and this question was proposed to me at 2:00.... so we did. 

Olive Garden. 

He hates it. I love it. 

After last night though, he now loves it too. We ordered Calamari, fried mozzarella, Alfredo dipping sauce for the bread sticks, salad with extra croutons, and this was all before the entree. Then I had the seafood Alfredo and he had the steak, chicken and potatoes. 


And by the time we got back into the road... He was in love with Olive Garden too. Which is good, cause now it will easy to talk him into dining there more often. 

We had the best time. We sat there and ate every bite. Laughed the entire time. Told each other random things that we never would have thought to ever to tell anyone. Laughed some more. Talked about more random things. Made fun of how lovey dovey the couple next to us was... well just the guy because the girl totally was not. It was funny. Talked about being old and how much fun we are going to have. Planned random aspects of our future that will most likely be re-planned two to four time before we actually have to make the plans for real. Talked about how we will most likely have a child that is exactly like Ryan and how it prolly be the be death of me. 

Lord help me. 

We had such a sweet night. 

There are times when I want to run far away and be like why are you doing the things you do... then I just remind myself that he is a boy. He tries. He is trying harder. And that is a big deal. He makes an effort which is awesome. 

He also gave me these beautiful roses... which was a total surprise.... i smiled so hard.

 Anyways... I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Happy Valentine's Day! :)



I am sitting in my Art History class.
The heat is on full blast.
It is 65 degrees outside.
It is 109 degrees in this classroom.
The teacher is babbling. 
Art.. public art... it all came from the massive explosion of modernism.
I don't want to listen anymore.
I want this all to be over with.
I want to make ads.
I want to design and create.
I do not care why some guy whose name I cannot even pronounce decided to paint the sky red in his photo instead of blue.
I simply could careless.
I am just being honest.
I also do not care that he went on to patent a shade of blue.
Then become obsessed with the color.
He made his drinks with this blue paint.
He then urinated blue for 2 weeks.
Really? ... gross and unnecessary information.
I just wanted you to see where I am coming from. 
There is a girl sitting in front of me that is making a comment about everything the teacher says.
Really?... do you have to say something every time?
P.s. The artist she is telling us about, also made naked women role on canvas in his patented blue paint. 
I am so over this.
I will never use this information unless I am asked to be involved in some random game show where the contestants are being told to think of the most random information that they know.
In that case, I will win the entire game.
The artist is Yves Klein. 
He also thought he could fly.
He claimed it but no one believed him.
So he did it again.
He jumped from a 2 story building.
He had 2 friends stand below him with a tarp.
He then edited them out of the photograph to make it look like he was really flying and not so much falling onto a tarp.
He then published this in a newspaper.
He ran the newspaper. 
He lived in Paris.
A Japanese artist then tried to immitate this act of craziness and died.
He actually believed that Klein was flying... yeah. 
Then in 1962, Klein died of a heart attack after a heated news interview.
I love art.
Dont get me wrong, but this is not my opinion of interesting art.
Oh... I cannot wait until May.


A is for April...

My friend Jayme, wanted me to make something for her to give to our friend April Nicole for Valentine's Day. We decided on doing a frame, so I went with the break through design I have done before. Her new room that is a dark gray and kinda punk looking, so I thought this would go well! The buttons add a little bit of girly to it, I think :)

I dont really know why the "A" looks fatter on one side in this picture...
 cause in real life they are really the same. Anyways... I just wanted to clarify this. 


A present for RD...

I really wanted this picture to be at the bottom of the post... but it would not so much do what I wanted it to do! Anyways... pretend.


a few weeks back we went to Mississippi for the rodeo finals. Rd did awesome, ended up winning a few checks and a really beautiful buckle... and hurting his arm.. which is much better now :) We both wanted to do something neat with his numbers (they wear numbers on their backs the entire finals - 4 different papers for every night with the nights main sponsor on them). He said something that involved burning the edges and I was thinking something with a shadow box. He just agreed not knowing what the world a shadow box was. Sweet boy. 

So after a few quick buys at hobby lobby for a shadow box, random antique stores for a glass boot, a bull bell and the perfect black horseshoe, and oh pictures from wolf camera.... 

These are action prints. I took a frame from the his rides that I recorded each night on my digital camera and then did some action frames. I just discovered that you could do this today and I fell in love! 
A little glass boot.... Cinderella would love this! haha....
Those are the numbers... before I talked Creeddaddy into burning them... 

...and the cutest bull bell... in the world!

I was going to wait and give it to him for Valentine's Day... but yeah I can't wait... so he is going to get it tomorrow after church! Yah! If I don't give it to him tomorrow then I will just end up telling him about it... I have problems keeping surprises from people :)


I need a good home....

This sweet girl was found on the side of the road. A girl I work with brought her in. Since we don't have lots of room at the clinic to take in strays, her time is limited. After her stay here she will be taken to the Humane Society. Her fate there is up in the air because they too are pushed for room.

Let me know, or call the number on the flyer, if you or anyone you know is interested. If you can't read the small print on the flyer, she has had her spay surgery and all of her vaccines. 

I was making the flyer at work today and figured I would post this in hopes that someone might need a new furry friend :)