Yes I'm here...

I have been MIA for a few days now...

Here's what been going down...

  • rodeos
  • life
  • gardening
  • spending lots of time with RD&Snuff
  • A NEW JOB!!! {which I love!!!}
  • and... last but devastatingly NOT least... MY COMPUTER CRASHED!!!

Yes. True story. I cried. Real tears. Ryan thought I was seriously hurt or something. He must have thought it was my neck again because I had my head hung over on the side of couch screaming. 

It was a sight.

I go to turn on my computer {the MacBook that I love SO dearly}.

White screen. Folder with question mark.

Then... NOTHING.

Still nothing.

Nope, I got nothing.

That's when the fit began...

I found out through friends and BestBuy and Apple Support that a new hard drive and possibly completely new computer would be the answer to my ailment.


So... until I can afford a new computer I will be blogging less, designing less and basically stay in my depression. 

I'm currently using Chase's MacBookPro...

{Maybe they should have bought me the Pro and not the Pro-less one...hmm.}

Mac's never crash. 


But when you save everything you've every designed, photo you've taken in the past several years, and tons of music & more... it adds up quickly and nothing can handle that. 


Here I am. 



Pictureless. {Although I backed up all on cds except from June 2009 - May 2010} 

The next system will be completely backed up periodically and not be full ALL the time.

I mean the thing did have 5 years of college and everything in between on it...

I'm trying to make myself feel better but it's not helping!

Oh well... 

I hope to be back soon :)


I fell in love...

... with this book!

I love love love love {love etc.} Sex & the City! I have seen every episode {I own the box set}, saw the movie at midnight the first night it was shown, and will do the same with the sequel... but I never read any of the books. It was something I wanted to do but just never got around to it...

I have also never read an entire book in one day... This guy is 389 pages and I read it all on one day. That is a big deal for someone who would never dreamed of reading an entire book in one week much less one day!!

It was SOOOOO {so} fabulous!!!!!! It tell the story of Carrie Bradshaw before New York City, her 3 fun friends and her awesome career. It is simply amazing and I loved the ending so much that I read RD the last few paragraphs {which he graciously pretended to really enjoy}.

I read most of it on the hammock in the front yard with my pillow & an old quilt... with this guy underneath me... {All day}.

{He apparently is a big fan of Carrie Bradshaw too... although every time I laughed out loud it woke him up and he looked at me something awful!!}

Anyways... if you are big Sex & the City fan, this book is a must read! It really lets you know a lot about Carrie and why she is the grown up she is in the shows and other books.

Literally the ending.... OMG the ending!!! Ugh.. I loved it! I've already read the last chapter again this morning...

Ok enough with that.. I'm off to buy Sex & the City {the book}... hopefully it picks up right where this guy left off...


In my garden...

... there are...

oh my!
{along with Corn, Pumpkins, Sunflowers, Cantaloup, Watermelon, Strawberries, Squash, 4 different types of Peppers, & more!}

I have been spending lots {tons} of time in my garden! 
Last Friday I planted all the seeds and plants... And this Saturday I found this!

... my seeds are sprouting!

I was SO {very} excited! RD was over at his barn working on his tractor... I jumped in the 'hoe {Tahoe} and sped over to show him my sprouting seeds via my camera... 
which he had already seen but pretended that he was so surprised!

... And then there is this guy for sheer decoration {& entertainment because the horses spend hours trying to get it through the fence}!


I love...

... these two boys :)

That'll do...

This guy is so cute {& SMART!!!} that he made the blog header :)

... and boy oh boy does RD love him! {& so do I!}


Baby Cousins...

A {long time} sweet and dear friend of mine, Ashley, is expecting her 2nd baby child {a baby boy}! Her sister, Sarah, is expecting her 1st baby child {a baby girl}! A few weeks ago, Ashley asked me to design a joint baby shower invitation for the shower being hosted by her Mom & Grandmother.

Here it is:

I sent it over to Ashley, who then sent it to her Mom. The shower was a Noah's Ark theme so I stuck 'em in a boat! :) And they both loved it! {YAY!}

I am so excited to meet both these sweet angels! AR is going to be such a sweet big sister/cousin!

One word... well 3...

{Roll Tide Roll}