I am waiting outside my LAST class of the day. It is ART 315 Graphic Design. My favorite class I am taking this semester. I got to thinking about how much time I have spent in this building over the past years. It is a lot of time. Great amount. Anyways... the picture is bad I know, but I took it with my camera. It is of the stairs on the right wing that go from level 2 to level 3. They are so pretty and old, and most of all full of history. This building was originally a dorm for the boys that went to military school here. It has been re-done on the inside of course, but the outside has gone mostly untouched. There is detail everywhere. Even the bricks have detail on them. There is paint and plaster everywhere now from years of striving student artists, but for the most part, the original building shines through the paint, sawdust and spilt photography chemical.


if i were a boy...


I love the new song by Beyonce called "if i were a boy".

If you have not heard the song or seen the video

If you have heard the song and/or seen the video but have not heard the remix

....click here. IT IS FABULOUS! Like we laughed for hours about this. Literally.

I had to share this Beyonce and R Kelly jams with yall! 

Enjoy! :)


i love...

After reading sweet Ms. Tammy's blog, I was determined to make an "i love.." post. Then, with everything going on right now, I let it slip my mind and just remembered about it when I read Ms. Sue's i love... post. 

So here I go...

i love...

...RD and how he is getting sweeter and sweeter as the days go by :)

...my Momma. She is ALWAYS there for me and has my back... even if afterward she laughs and admits I was dead wrong... she puts up a fight for me :)

...my Creeddaddy. He is so chill.

...my Chase (aka Chazz). He is the coolest kid ever and a waay better person than me. I strive to be like him oneday :)

... my family... all the rest of them. They are pretty rank people. :)

...watching the PBR with RD every Sunday night.

... Sundays.

... going to Shelley's house and playing with my absolute favorite boys ever, Mattson and Payson. (I mean i love everyone else that lives there too, but they are the greatest men.. ever).

...eating at Olive Garden with Shelley and Rachael.

...playing random board games with Anna. (ie Uno Flash)

...Duke. Even though he will attack you if I am with you.. he is very sweet and pretty. 

... knowing that I can let go and let God.. and everything will be alright :)

... painting.

... graphic design.

... clothes.

... shoes... Jessica Simpson shoes.

... the color black.

... mascara and eye liner makes my world go round!

... watching Friends, even though I know every word to every episode.

... blogging :)

... Alabama football.

... great danes.

... my cat that I am allergic too :(

... my black pearl ring that RD gave me for Christmas.

... my bedroom because i get to sleep a lot there. 

... my church family.

... fishing.

... riding around and looking for deer with RD... well he looks and I sing. 

... going on adventures with my friend Jayme.

... dreaming.

...my friends and going dancing with them :)

... asking RD random questions about the future that neither one of know the answers to (ie: whose nose do you think our 2nd child will have?) He loves it ... haha.

... going to rodeos...not really until the end do i love them... but still...

... sunkist.

... reese cups and capri suns :) thanks sooo much Ms. Sue!

... my blue jeans.

... texting.

... my Mac :)

... adobe suite CS.

... did i mention May 9, 2009?

... watching my brother play baseball.

... playing bowling on the wii... and beating RD :)

... playing anything on the wii.

... eating my Momma's food.

... making random art projects.

... art.

... the good Lord and all that he has done for me :)

... that the future has sooo much in store for us!

... being silly.

... i love life :) 


Thankfully blessed...

This my messy night stand. The picture is by far the opposite of quality photography, but I took it with my cell phone so... pretend it is a better view and highest quality. I just wanted yall to see my pretty tulips.

Last night I was lying in bed wishing I could just go to sleep all while savoring the last few sips of my Apple Orange Pineapple juice. I had to be NPO for surgery this morning.  I coughed the entire way to the hospital and up until the point where they put me to sleep... i continued to cough.

When I arrived at the hospital, Jason (my pastor) , Matt and Amanda were there. I was so happy to see them. I had no idea they were coming. They went out of their way and woke up way early. All to come and keep me company while waiting and to pray with me. They will never know how special I felt. Thanks guys! I am truly blessed to have such an awesome church family

Then it was off to surgery, then recovery, and then the home. Home is where I slept all day and where my Nannie and Grannet came to visit me. It is where my Momma waited on me hand and foot. Where RD came to visit and take over Momma's duties when she became too tired to talk.

Surgery went well. The doctors and nurses at St. Vincent's are so kind an friendly. They are by far the best hospital staff I have ever had to deal with. And I have dealt with some hospitals in my day! I was the kid always going to the ER from broken bones to kidney stones.  (Thanks Shelley for advising me to switch to there!)It did not take as long as they predicted. I will know by Monday afternoon what the lump was exactly and if it has a chance to return. The whole experience was not as bad as they had me thinking it would be. Yes, I am sore, swollen and give out, but I was taken care of. God knows what He is doing and today I had to let go and let God. It was all in is hands. 

Thank you to everyone who prayed and kept me in their thoughts. I am truly blessed to have such amazing family and friends.



It was love....

I am sharing my new found love.
He makes me smile all day long.
If ever I am feeling blue... I just look at him.
I forgot about all my troubles.
He even makes people around me smile.
He is amazing!
And he cannot even talk back to me! 

It's my new fingernail polish!

Let me explain... 

I am not a fan of purple. Unless it's my purple lace shirt, my purple dress, my purple tights or my purple J Simps... until.... This polish! OMG. It is the perfect shade of purple. It adds just the right amount of color. It looks good with any skin tone. (I know this because all the girls at work have the same color nails now.. thanks to Madelyn who introduced us to this little slice of Heaven!) I really smile or giggle every time I look at it. My Momma and RD think I have lost my mind... haha :)


Project #1...

I have been working on the first of many projects for my VERY LAST  :) graphic design class.
 I wanted to share the results of the first assignment.

Assignment : 
Create 3 pages.
Use your favorite song.
Use all the lyrics on each page.
Keep the same song.
Be creative.
Due Thursday January 22 by 11 p.m.

This is #1... 
This is #2....
...and #3.

I think my favorite is #1 but I really like how #2 turned out too... 



I finally did something with the blank wall by my bed... and with all the photographs I had to mat and frame for class last semester! Yah! I really like how it turned out.. even though I rearranged them to the point where RD was about ready to snap on me... I think I got it right! I take that back.. He was really sweet and put his input in.. the first 10 times I moved them around... after that.. He was simply like seriously.. stop it. Poor guy. Anyways I think it turned out pretty good. 

Sorry my bed is not made up.. it was at first... but then I lied around doing homework. Pretend it is all pretty.


Sweet bunny rabbit...

Ok... Let me first explain.....

Tonight is the first annual movies at Jayme's on a Cold January Night. 

We are going to watch The Girl's Next Door and House Bunny

The original plan was to get all the episodes of The Girl's Next Door and just have a big marathon but we ran into trouble gathering the entire collection. So.. we got our hands on seasons 1 and 2 and threw in some House Bunny for good measure. 

I decided to make a little treat for us to snack on later. 

Note: with the help of Susie Q :) Who also taught me several secret of baking today! 

This is the bar full of supplies..... and two small cooling cakes.

Here are the ears... and a fun little bow tie....

Here is one cake.... covered with yummy purple icing...

And Tah Dah! Here is the finished product! 
A purple Playboy bunny cake for movie night!

Yah.. I cannot wait! It's going to be so much fun! We have been planning this for over 5 months. We waited so patiently for Season 4 of Girls Next Door to come out... they keep movie the release date! Ahh... anyways! I just wanted to share the yummy cuteness! 

Thanks Momma! :)


I don't know what to title this post...

remember when life was easy. 
full of playing in your plastic kiddy pool with your then cooler :) 
older cousin in your matching 1988 olympic bathing suits. 
wishing you were on the US swim team.
those were the days

I really don't know where to start. There is so much going on in my life right now. I started back to school and am currently taking on 18 hours of class, including  2 art classes which take more outside effort than a normal class, working part time, reading all the time for classes and studying. A lot of studying is going on. I want to make this semester my best one yet... academically that is. 

Before classes started I had my annual doctor's appointment. I went for my appointment and everything check out, except for something I have never given any thought to. The doctor asked me if I do self breast exams and I was like yeah sure sometimes... but I hardly remember to do so. As she examined me her face grew serious and she repeatedly tapped a certain area. I was like what the world... then she said it. You have a lump. What? Me? Yeah right. 

Well I did. She sent me directly down for an ultra sound to see what it was. The ultra sound was unsuccessful in determining what the lump was. So then they sent me on to do a Mammogram. Oh my... horrible. That is what we call that experience. 

I left the hospital that day feeling like I had no idea what to feel. All I could do was pray. And I did. A lot. 

I went to Mississippi and had an awesome time.

**Update on RD: He went to the doctor again today and learned that he would not have to have surgery, just physical therapy and a lot of TLC. He is excited about this because that means he will get babied more than I already baby his little tail!

I got a call from the doctor on Monday on my way back from taking RD to the doctor. They wanted me to see a surgeon. The mass had to go.

So today I went to see the surgeon. He told me that I could leave it and see, do a biopsy, or just go ahead and have it removed. He said eventually it would become cancerous but signs currently indicate that the mass is benign. However they are not doing a biopsy because either way I want it gone. Why chance it?

It is not going to make a dip or make me look deformed  .. so yeah.. take that joker off. After it is removed they can do more testing on it to determine more accurately what it is.

I hate surgery. I hate the fact that they said it COULD be cancerous. I hate the fact that the Dr. said that lumps can continue to develop. Scary.

I hate that people have to go through this. I cannot imagine someone going through breast cancer. I am freaking out over a lump and one procedure when there are people who deal with this everyday.  

I am going to call this post Blessed. Because that's we are. Every time you think you have it rough... think about those who have it worse. I want to be angry that I have to deal with doctors, nurses, hospitals, the endless paperwork and 3 days of laying in the bed afterwards.. but I just decided that there are people out there who deal with that on a daily basis. So I am going to see this as a blessing. Cause it could be WAAAAY worse. 

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way happy about this. I am just trying not to be so angry that it is happening. It stinks... no other way to put it, but I am trying to be more positive. I was so negative this morning when I found out that I was making myself sick. Then I talked to Shelley and RD who both re-assured me that every thing would be fine... from that point on I have tried to be more peaceful.

However... I am still working on it....

My surgery is next Friday at St. Vincent's. Please keep me in your prayers :) 

Tagged... and I just figured it out...

***sorry Ms Tammy! I just figured out what was going on!

I have been tagged by Tammy at Just Sayin'. The rules are to post the 4th picture from the 4th folder on your computer where you store your pictures. Explain the picture. Then tag 4 of your friends to share their pictures too! Don't forget to let them know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blog!! :)
Ok.. so.. RD, my Dad, and Matt all got a Dale Garrett Racing Adventure Package. My dad decided the upgrade his when he got there because Heaven forbid RD and Matt get more aps around the track than he did... So I got to use his. It was so cool! Notice my really hot racing outfit... haha... :)

I am tagging...

Shelley @ davisbygrace
Ms. Sue @ thecottonpatch


No time...

Crazy weekend.

Amazing shops in Philidelphia, Mississippi.

Sat through 4 rodeos.


Covered 3/4 bulls with incredible scores..including last year's bull of the year.

So proud of him!

He won the Average which means he won the Finals but not the year.

He got some monies (as Mattson would say) and a really pretty buckle

Interesting time in ER where we went after the last rodeo because baby boy bucked off and was hurt.

Drove home on the worst rode in the state of Mississippi.

Slept.. but not long enough.

Went to another doctor.

Went to see Shelley and get a MRI.

Waiting on results.

Slept all afternoon.

Ate some good Susie food.

Slept some more.

Tucked him in.

Here I am.


**I will post more with pictures when I don't have to get up at 5 to drive 
to Tuscaloosa for the day!**


Quick shopping venture plan...

Ok... So... I am off work tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment at St. Vincent's at 10:00... then I am stopping my Belk to venture around the shoe department.. because guess what!!!! Jessica Simp shoes are 1/2 off!!! YAH!!! I cannot wait! 
I am hoping to get these guys. They look like gas on water in real life.. not so much purple. I really hope they still have them. They are already holding one pair for me and have some crazy rule that does not allow them to hold more than more sale item for you. Idk. 
I am super pumped about my shopping venture. I have no money to be spent on shoes but they will be so cute when I find them that this thought will vanish and out with new shoes I will go!! Yah... ok I will let you know if I get them.. cross your fingers!! :)


The very last first...

I thought I would share this picture from New Year's Eve.
 Did I mention that Memaw was asleepin' my 11:30. Yeah... never have I ever. Sad story. 

Hi! I have not blogged in a couple of days now... I have been quite lazy and slightly under the weather. I have an exciting week ahead... well it won't get exciting until Thursday but still. 

Thursday is my VERY LAST FIRST DAY OF THE SEMESTER in college! I cannot wait! I am going to be grinning from ear to ear all day... possibly even when I have to drop $500 on my books and art supplies! 

Roll Tide. 

Then I am off to Mississippi to the PCA Rodeo Finals... to see RD of course. We are staying until Sunday so it's going to be a long exciting weekend. I am going to sit through 3 rodeos.. wow that's dedication right there. Like I should get a prize.

True story. 


A place in Cresswell...

This is the first black and white shot of 2009...
yah! Another entire year for photography!!