I am waiting outside my LAST class of the day. It is ART 315 Graphic Design. My favorite class I am taking this semester. I got to thinking about how much time I have spent in this building over the past years. It is a lot of time. Great amount. Anyways... the picture is bad I know, but I took it with my camera. It is of the stairs on the right wing that go from level 2 to level 3. They are so pretty and old, and most of all full of history. This building was originally a dorm for the boys that went to military school here. It has been re-done on the inside of course, but the outside has gone mostly untouched. There is detail everywhere. Even the bricks have detail on them. There is paint and plaster everywhere now from years of striving student artists, but for the most part, the original building shines through the paint, sawdust and spilt photography chemical.

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