Sundays {after church & lunch} are for 
adventure, mud and a nature walk :)



This is what I did today...

A few days a week I work for my very talented cousin at her bridal boutique.

My job duties {include but are not limited to} :

  • Cutting out fabric for dresses
  • Taking apart vintage dresses to be re-worked {It's becoming extremely popular to wear your Mother's wedding dress to the rehearsal dinner!}
  • Cutting out more fabric for dresses
  • Emailing people
  • Making sure everything is ready to go and organized for the seamstresses
  • Helping with setting up appointments
  • Sometimes trying on dresses to try new ideas
  • Giving my opinion {Like I could I actually hold it in anyways!?}
  • Helping with appointments
  • Acting silly with her so sweet Intern {Katie Grace}
  • Oh and cutting out fabric
I never knew just how much work goes into one wedding dress! There are layers on top of layers of even more layers... I mean I knew there was a lot involved but wow at the various types and textures that make up a dress! I also never thought that I would actually enjoy cutting out the various pieces of fabic and patterns over and over and over again... But it's very calming... Especially when I pop in my earphones to my iPhone and listen to Lady Gaga, Miranda Lambert, followed by some T.I. That makes for a great day!

Today Heidi met with brides all today and I cut away in the cutting room... It was fabulous! I did not make it home until about 8:30. Kicker: This morning before I went to work, RD asked me to go pick up an oil filter, oil, hydraulic oil, and hydraulic filter from Talladega International Tractor. Well... I picked it up and drove from there to Birmingham. So then he decided to changed all this oil and stuff tonight... so ole RD had to wait a hot minute, but we just finished up. So all is well in the world.

If you want to learn more about heidielnora, go here to check out the 2010 Collection and more. She is so very talented. Her designs are simply breathtaking and fabulous on top of that! I love working at her bridal boutique and hope to be able to work for her full time oneday!


Wild Wild Flowers...

Saturday, I went shopping with this sweet girl & her Mommy {Melissa}! Melissa wanted me to help make some Easter baskets for GL & her sweet big brother, Dylan. We also made one for her {born on the same day} cousin, Brennan.

Our first stop {if you know anything about me&moe} was Wings. Its seems like we always eat there when it's just us {+Erin} or most anytime when we are involved in the decision of where to eat. After eating entirely too many fried pickles, ranch dressing, french fries, our entrees, and 2 too many refills on Dr. Pepper, we were off to Hobby Lobby! 

We gathered all the supplies to make the Easter baskets and more.

Then I stumbled upon the aisle where everything was 75% off... Ugh. 

As you know... I love cowboys. {Obviously.} 

I love stuff that looks old and worn out. {My obsession with antiques.}

I also love Western... Anything. Cowboys to old and dirty looking Westerny things. {idk: Westerny?}

Put the this all together and you get fabulous flower pots!!

This one is just too cute!

It would be perfect if they had a bull rider one... but I'll have to settle for a calf roper. 
{RD pointed this out too.}

So now... I cannot wait to plant flowers in them!! 
They will look fabulous with my boot planter !! 
... now I just need my own yard and front porch ...


Last week....

I spent the entire week with these two guys.

We went to Burger King and played on the playground.
We played in Coco's boots.
We watched cartoons ALL day and 3 Spiderman movies.
We played hide-&-go-seek, twice.
We went to visit my Nannie. She laughed at them and enjoyed their visit.
We played baseball outside.
We talked to their Mommie {Shelley} on the phone.
We went to McDonalds & played with Dylan&GL.
We drank lots of Kool-Aid and ate grilled cheese sandwiches.
We discovered that P will eat any type of chicken nugget but M will not.
We went and played at Uncle RD's house.
Mattson named the first baby calf.
{Coco: What should we name the new baby bull Mattson?
Mattson: Jack.
Coco: Jack?
Mattson: Jumpin' Jack. So he can jump all the cowboys off his back!
Coco: hahaha I LOVE IT! RD will be so proud!!}
...he was very proud too...
We giggled and laughed all day long.
We {I,Coco} were very tired by the end of the day!
We had a blast!

(Pardon the picture quality. I used my iPhone.)



I figured out how to make my blog posts appear on my facebook!


I know it prolly took me longer than needed...

I was super confused :)

The latest addiction...

This is the newest edition.
I predeicted it would be born today.
{I was right.}
Back in the woods, but still slightly visible, a Momma cow delivered her calf on this rainy cold day. We couldn't tell if we had a new hefer or bull, so off RD went to see. Well... Momma cow did not like this and ran him right back out of the woods.
So.. we ended up with this fuzzy picture captured via RD's ancient Nextel while running and dodging limbs.
We do know, that it's:
Bigger than the first calf born a few days ago.
Cute as a button!

Yay! I love baby calves!

Spring is near...

Susie Q made this creation.
I drew the horse.
She calls him Charlie.
I call him Boosie.
Either way, he's a doll.

Hurry up Springtime!!!

{Outside living room with TV/DVD included (with cable) to come soon!!}


A review...


Last night I watched this movie:

Great movie. Laughed the entire time. Broke my neck trying to read the brand on the bull at the rodeo. Loved it. Great movie. Perfect for a date night or chick flick night or anytime. Awesome. Loved it.

Tonight I watch this movie:

I have heard several people say that they and their kids LOVE this movie. Love it. I remember the book from when I was younger and I loved the book. Monsters were much cooler than princesses to me. However, I was completely lost in this movie and felt scared and dumb by the time it ended. My favorite part was when he was leaving the island of monsters and he left a heart with a C in the middle made of sticks. Favorite part.

My mother cried when he was leaving the island. She claimed it was because of the background music {and because Carol was crying :)}.  Chase loved it. Jessica seemed to be on my level. RD decided not to watch it and got his fishing gear ready for this weekend. He would have been overwhelmed and threw in the towel anyway so...

I really expected something different... I don't quite know what, but something. 

I can see where little boys would love this movie... it's got monsters plus a lot of whaaaring!! {I don't know the correct spelling of the word!}

Anyways... That's how I feel about that. 

Go watch the first movie though... it's just fun and not overwhelming and easy to understand :)


It was...

It was the best ever.

Hands down.

Better than Oreo blizzards that RD and I ventured to the Childersburg Dairy Queen at least once a week every week in high school to buy...

Better than midnight Strawberry milkshakes from McDonalds during the summer when we were bored...

Almost better than those chocolate chip cookies he made me that time...

Almost but not close...

It was amazing!!!

A Nutella Shake with Burnt Marshmellow Topping. Go get one. Now.

I've discovered a SUPER fun date night spot!!!

It's on the new side {Anthro side} right by Juicy and some other really cutie store that sells the super hot $200 jeans. Ahh help!

Hopefully you'll have better luck than me when fighting the voices who are yelling "GO BUY SOMETHING!!!!"

Anyways... I wouldn't take children but it's great for a date. Fun music. Great decor. The architecture is phenominal!!! The food... I devoured my cheeseburger before taking a photo. Sorry :)

I had the FlipBurger only cheese and mayo... And it's to die for burnt mayo!!! With fries. Best fries ever!!!

Go now.  

{It's like an art store of cheeseburgers. 
And yes, its really that good}


A new addition...

Saturday we had a new addition to the herd!! A baby bull calf!! So precious :)

{Look very close at the Momma cow's eyes. She has markings above her eyes that look like painted on eye brows! They are so cool looking in person!!}

And Sunday... I drove the tractor to put out hay! 
I have a feeling that when RD is out of town this is now going to be my job! 


Gotta go... Gotta go...

Gotta Rodeo!!!
Tomorrow, Me&RD will go on another lovely road trip! 
Robertsdale, Alabama here we come!!! Yes, we will be less than an 1/2 hour away from sand, sunshine, and endless seafood - But NO we will not be venturing any further than a dusty arena, awesome fast food, and hopefully a very rank pen of bulls!

See you soon! As in Saturday morning at like 3:00 :)  

But tomorrow will begin with my two favorite boys!! 
{Sweetest&cutest too!}
I am keeping Mattson&Payson!!
Yay for Dora and chicken pot pies!! :)

Isn't my road trip rodeo cowboy so cute in my Juicy Couture glasses!? 

{Which by the way he thought were cheap gas station glasses and has been throwing them about not understanding why I always fussed at him and put them in their pink, fabric lined case!!! It was priceless!}

He really hates those glasses... :) 


Guess where we're at...

Yep. Leakesville, MS. 2 rodeos. Hopefully 2 checks :)


Blog Button...

I can't sleep...

I started googling how to make blog buttons...

I did everything like it said...

And it still does something weird...

But it looks cool....

Until you click it.


** It works now!!!! YAY***


Words on Wednesday...

Today is Wednesday, March 3, 2010. On April 19, RD will have a birthday. On that very same day last year, we celebrated his birthday. We had cake, his favorite foods, and lots of presents. One of which was a gift card for an audio store in Pell City to have his truck speakers replaced {they were cheap factory speakers and easily broke}. This was a gift from Susie, Creeddaddy & ChaseLee.

As you know, most gift cards expire one year from the date of purchase. He kept the gift card in his truck console with the speak brochure. It stayed there until March 2, 2010. This is when he was supposed to bring it inside to me so I could get everything together for March 3, 2010. This is the day I would take his truck to get the speakers installed. 


The brochure was there in mint condition. No gift card. No where. We went through his always spotless, no stashes of trash truck and found nothing. He went through the trash. We both dug through drawers. Nothing. It has literally been less than a week or so since I last saw this gift card. 

{nothing at all}

So, I loaded up this lovely, bitterly cold morning and took his truck to have speakers installed. The people said that their gift cards expire after 30 days. {REALLY? The gift card said 1 year on it!!} And they even called their accountant who told them that ALL gift cards sold in 2009 had been accounted for.

Umm... I think you need a new accountant. {Or fib telling classes.}

I knew it was a stretch to ask for someone to honor a gift card that was not physically there, but they could have at least NOT lied and looked it up on the computer system {which was clearly in front of me}.

So... this sweet guy now has fully functioning speakers. They have actually been paid for twice now. {Once by Susie, Once by RD.} But nonetheless they are paid for.

The point to ranting on & on... Why could the people not have just said, "Ma'am we can not honor an invisible gift card." or "Ma'am I am not going to yell at you today."

Either would have been well welcomed by the time it was all said and done....

But no...

The lady was rude horribly rude. She talked to me like I was stupid. She lied {to my face} about calling her accountant, unless her accountant missed the $150 that was purchased in April 2009. She did not explain the policy change of One Year on gift cards down to 30 days. He had prepared himself for having to pay for the speakers, after all he had lost the gift card. But why were the people so horrible?? They even called, after we {Me&Susie} dropped the truck off and were visiting with a dear cousin in Pell City, and said that they did not know what kind of speakers and no one had spoken to RD and set up an appointment.

Hmmm... that's why she crossed his name off the appointment list when I arrived and told her his name.

WOW. People kill me. And the experience was opposite of pleasant and nice...

No. They were rude and mean at 9:00 in the morning.

So after ALL this... a 45 minute appointment slot took 3 hours.

Yes, 3 hours.

{I feel much better. Thanks}


Surgery update...

The doctor just called...


We never believed it was, but there was always a chance. 

{It's always nice to know for sure!!}

There's nothing better....

...than a razor back cardigan and a floral mini!!!

oh how I am loving this whole "Miss Me" line!! :)
Maybe these guys will get to be ordered SOON!!



{i so love that boy}

That's how I feel.


I hate having surgery. Hate it. You wake up sick and dizzy... & I stay that way for about two days. I'm already over it.

I had to go in this morning at 5:30. I had two masses in my right breast that had to be removed. They seemed to be benign but they were sent off for re-assurance.

I had this same surgery last January for one mass. Two is much more difficult. You feel twice as sick and twice as sore.

And to think... I was just starting to feel normal again from neck surgery. Oh boy...

I will post a report of what the masses were. Please keep me in your prayers :)

Oh & Happy Monday!

(The picture is from Sunday. We spent the afternoon painting and carpeting the bucking bull barrell. This is where I spend lots of time with ole RD. It turned out quite lovely and will last much longer since it had rusted over since we bought it. I'll have to post a video of him on it & one of me if you're lucky. It was quite funny!! I pretended I knew what I was doing and drove my shoulder out like him and all...)