Last week....

I spent the entire week with these two guys.

We went to Burger King and played on the playground.
We played in Coco's boots.
We watched cartoons ALL day and 3 Spiderman movies.
We played hide-&-go-seek, twice.
We went to visit my Nannie. She laughed at them and enjoyed their visit.
We played baseball outside.
We talked to their Mommie {Shelley} on the phone.
We went to McDonalds & played with Dylan&GL.
We drank lots of Kool-Aid and ate grilled cheese sandwiches.
We discovered that P will eat any type of chicken nugget but M will not.
We went and played at Uncle RD's house.
Mattson named the first baby calf.
{Coco: What should we name the new baby bull Mattson?
Mattson: Jack.
Coco: Jack?
Mattson: Jumpin' Jack. So he can jump all the cowboys off his back!
Coco: hahaha I LOVE IT! RD will be so proud!!}
...he was very proud too...
We giggled and laughed all day long.
We {I,Coco} were very tired by the end of the day!
We had a blast!

(Pardon the picture quality. I used my iPhone.)


Goodwife said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! They are lucky to have Aunti Coco!

Corazon de Ella said...

Aww I stumbled upon your blog and I really like it :)