{i so love that boy}

That's how I feel.


I hate having surgery. Hate it. You wake up sick and dizzy... & I stay that way for about two days. I'm already over it.

I had to go in this morning at 5:30. I had two masses in my right breast that had to be removed. They seemed to be benign but they were sent off for re-assurance.

I had this same surgery last January for one mass. Two is much more difficult. You feel twice as sick and twice as sore.

And to think... I was just starting to feel normal again from neck surgery. Oh boy...

I will post a report of what the masses were. Please keep me in your prayers :)

Oh & Happy Monday!

(The picture is from Sunday. We spent the afternoon painting and carpeting the bucking bull barrell. This is where I spend lots of time with ole RD. It turned out quite lovely and will last much longer since it had rusted over since we bought it. I'll have to post a video of him on it & one of me if you're lucky. It was quite funny!! I pretended I knew what I was doing and drove my shoulder out like him and all...)


Lucy Rona Handler said...

Prayers sent up for you! I hope it all comes back positive.

Goodwife said...

Your in my prayers girl. Let us know what you find out, and I can't wait to see the video of you ridin' the barrel!