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Today is Wednesday, March 3, 2010. On April 19, RD will have a birthday. On that very same day last year, we celebrated his birthday. We had cake, his favorite foods, and lots of presents. One of which was a gift card for an audio store in Pell City to have his truck speakers replaced {they were cheap factory speakers and easily broke}. This was a gift from Susie, Creeddaddy & ChaseLee.

As you know, most gift cards expire one year from the date of purchase. He kept the gift card in his truck console with the speak brochure. It stayed there until March 2, 2010. This is when he was supposed to bring it inside to me so I could get everything together for March 3, 2010. This is the day I would take his truck to get the speakers installed. 


The brochure was there in mint condition. No gift card. No where. We went through his always spotless, no stashes of trash truck and found nothing. He went through the trash. We both dug through drawers. Nothing. It has literally been less than a week or so since I last saw this gift card. 

{nothing at all}

So, I loaded up this lovely, bitterly cold morning and took his truck to have speakers installed. The people said that their gift cards expire after 30 days. {REALLY? The gift card said 1 year on it!!} And they even called their accountant who told them that ALL gift cards sold in 2009 had been accounted for.

Umm... I think you need a new accountant. {Or fib telling classes.}

I knew it was a stretch to ask for someone to honor a gift card that was not physically there, but they could have at least NOT lied and looked it up on the computer system {which was clearly in front of me}.

So... this sweet guy now has fully functioning speakers. They have actually been paid for twice now. {Once by Susie, Once by RD.} But nonetheless they are paid for.

The point to ranting on & on... Why could the people not have just said, "Ma'am we can not honor an invisible gift card." or "Ma'am I am not going to yell at you today."

Either would have been well welcomed by the time it was all said and done....

But no...

The lady was rude horribly rude. She talked to me like I was stupid. She lied {to my face} about calling her accountant, unless her accountant missed the $150 that was purchased in April 2009. She did not explain the policy change of One Year on gift cards down to 30 days. He had prepared himself for having to pay for the speakers, after all he had lost the gift card. But why were the people so horrible?? They even called, after we {Me&Susie} dropped the truck off and were visiting with a dear cousin in Pell City, and said that they did not know what kind of speakers and no one had spoken to RD and set up an appointment.

Hmmm... that's why she crossed his name off the appointment list when I arrived and told her his name.

WOW. People kill me. And the experience was opposite of pleasant and nice...

No. They were rude and mean at 9:00 in the morning.

So after ALL this... a 45 minute appointment slot took 3 hours.

Yes, 3 hours.

{I feel much better. Thanks}

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Goodwife said...

Sadly people have no concept of integrity, honesty, and commitment to quality.