It was...

It was the best ever.

Hands down.

Better than Oreo blizzards that RD and I ventured to the Childersburg Dairy Queen at least once a week every week in high school to buy...

Better than midnight Strawberry milkshakes from McDonalds during the summer when we were bored...

Almost better than those chocolate chip cookies he made me that time...

Almost but not close...

It was amazing!!!

A Nutella Shake with Burnt Marshmellow Topping. Go get one. Now.

I've discovered a SUPER fun date night spot!!!

It's on the new side {Anthro side} right by Juicy and some other really cutie store that sells the super hot $200 jeans. Ahh help!

Hopefully you'll have better luck than me when fighting the voices who are yelling "GO BUY SOMETHING!!!!"

Anyways... I wouldn't take children but it's great for a date. Fun music. Great decor. The architecture is phenominal!!! The food... I devoured my cheeseburger before taking a photo. Sorry :)

I had the FlipBurger only cheese and mayo... And it's to die for burnt mayo!!! With fries. Best fries ever!!!

Go now.  

{It's like an art store of cheeseburgers. 
And yes, its really that good}

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