Gotta go... Gotta go...

Gotta Rodeo!!!
Tomorrow, Me&RD will go on another lovely road trip! 
Robertsdale, Alabama here we come!!! Yes, we will be less than an 1/2 hour away from sand, sunshine, and endless seafood - But NO we will not be venturing any further than a dusty arena, awesome fast food, and hopefully a very rank pen of bulls!

See you soon! As in Saturday morning at like 3:00 :)  

But tomorrow will begin with my two favorite boys!! 
{Sweetest&cutest too!}
I am keeping Mattson&Payson!!
Yay for Dora and chicken pot pies!! :)

Isn't my road trip rodeo cowboy so cute in my Juicy Couture glasses!? 

{Which by the way he thought were cheap gas station glasses and has been throwing them about not understanding why I always fussed at him and put them in their pink, fabric lined case!!! It was priceless!}

He really hates those glasses... :) 


Goodwife said...

Good luck and have fun!

Sue said...

I think I'd be sleeping on my way home tonight!