A review...


Last night I watched this movie:

Great movie. Laughed the entire time. Broke my neck trying to read the brand on the bull at the rodeo. Loved it. Great movie. Perfect for a date night or chick flick night or anytime. Awesome. Loved it.

Tonight I watch this movie:

I have heard several people say that they and their kids LOVE this movie. Love it. I remember the book from when I was younger and I loved the book. Monsters were much cooler than princesses to me. However, I was completely lost in this movie and felt scared and dumb by the time it ended. My favorite part was when he was leaving the island of monsters and he left a heart with a C in the middle made of sticks. Favorite part.

My mother cried when he was leaving the island. She claimed it was because of the background music {and because Carol was crying :)}.  Chase loved it. Jessica seemed to be on my level. RD decided not to watch it and got his fishing gear ready for this weekend. He would have been overwhelmed and threw in the towel anyway so...

I really expected something different... I don't quite know what, but something. 

I can see where little boys would love this movie... it's got monsters plus a lot of whaaaring!! {I don't know the correct spelling of the word!}

Anyways... That's how I feel about that. 

Go watch the first movie though... it's just fun and not overwhelming and easy to understand :)


shem said...

im so behind. still need to watch both of these. let me know how the second one turns out


Juani L.P said...

the first movie i don't like. the second isn't too much bad. :)