Wild Wild Flowers...

Saturday, I went shopping with this sweet girl & her Mommy {Melissa}! Melissa wanted me to help make some Easter baskets for GL & her sweet big brother, Dylan. We also made one for her {born on the same day} cousin, Brennan.

Our first stop {if you know anything about me&moe} was Wings. Its seems like we always eat there when it's just us {+Erin} or most anytime when we are involved in the decision of where to eat. After eating entirely too many fried pickles, ranch dressing, french fries, our entrees, and 2 too many refills on Dr. Pepper, we were off to Hobby Lobby! 

We gathered all the supplies to make the Easter baskets and more.

Then I stumbled upon the aisle where everything was 75% off... Ugh. 

As you know... I love cowboys. {Obviously.} 

I love stuff that looks old and worn out. {My obsession with antiques.}

I also love Western... Anything. Cowboys to old and dirty looking Westerny things. {idk: Westerny?}

Put the this all together and you get fabulous flower pots!!

This one is just too cute!

It would be perfect if they had a bull rider one... but I'll have to settle for a calf roper. 
{RD pointed this out too.}

So now... I cannot wait to plant flowers in them!! 
They will look fabulous with my boot planter !! 
... now I just need my own yard and front porch ...

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Sue said...

Wonder why you love western things??? I can't wait to see how cute you'll have your own home.