Yah for Mattson...

Today is Mattson's birthday party! 


Mattson and Payson are the 2 sweetest boys I have ever met! {and the cutest too!! :)} I love them so much! Mattson is turning 3 and they are having his birthday party at Jumpin' Jacks in Chelsea. It should be quite fun and get interesting when his parents and me and RD all get in and start jumping!! Haha... It's going to be hilarious! 

This is the toy that his Uncle RD bought him.. Shelley and I were at Walmart and she saw this on the shelf.. I mean could it be a more perfect gift for his uncle to give him!!! 

Mattson LOVES trains and RD LOVES bucking bulls... crazy huh?

Mattson is also getting ready to start "school" in the fall. So he needed a mat to take his naps on... My friend Jayme's mom is an amazing seamstress. I mean she did this {with Jayme's help}.. so she is like top notch in my book.. so I picked out some fabric... cowboys and minky dot.
His name up close...
The entire thing... how cute is this guy!!!
So anyways I wanted to show off the mat and the randomly perfect present that was discovered at Walmart... 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.. I am off to jump around with 2 sweet boys and some wonderful family and friends :)


an invite...

This is an invite that I designed for my cousin Tiffney. She is in charge of hosting her mother-in-law's 50th birthday! Tiffney loved the design so I thought I would share! Happy Thursday :)


1 down... years to go...

Well I did it! I made it through the first day. {I just have 25 years to go!} I was bombarded with information and handed a binder filled with more pages than I think I ever read in college. I was given homework assignments and more info to read on my own. It's interesting though so it's fun to read. I love advertising. Love it.

I had a cute outfit, met fun people and overall enjoyed my day at work. I work. Weird.

Then I was off to the gym and dinner with RD...

But my favorite part of the day came when I got home... my diploma FINALLY came! Yah! {Note: They spelt my name wrong from what I requested... they put L. instead Lee. Who is Codie L. Hoyle? I was mad but soon got over it when I realized no one would eve notice the name... the frame is too pretty! :)}

{pardon picture quality.. i used my cell phone}

I know that I graduated. I walked across the stage. I wore my cap and gown....

But getting this piece of paper completed it. I was truly relieved and excited to the fullest for the first time about this! 



Today I...

  • Went to church and officially became a member at VRC
  • I ate chicken salad and fruit before swimming and laying out in the sun for some 6 hours with RD and the fam
  • I played hard core bad mitten and under water football along with a game of Marco Polo {which I cheated :)} with RD and Chase
  • I took a nap with RD while chicken and steaks cooked on the grill
  • Wished my Dad a Happy Father's Day and gave him a card that talked and was from the Simpson's and had something to do with getting my way {i could not have said what it said better myself... it was so me}
  • I chose an outfit for my first day of work and made RD picked the shoes {he laughed at me}
  • Am currently watching Army Wives because I have decided it potential..
  • And now I will make a quick phone call to RD and then rest for my first day of work...
Today was a good day.. I have not pictures to post. I just wanted to remember this day by recording it on my blog :) I hope everyone has a wonderful week... I hope to post soon.. I just have to figure out my new schedule.. actually having to do something is going to be insane. But yah exciting! :)



Well.. It's Friday. This is my last Friday that I will be able to sleep in and do whatever I want. Work starts Monday, but I am excited nonetheless. :) However, Friday's are better with fresh flowers...

I am excited also about this Friday because I get a date with RD. These are far and few between in rodeo season. I mean we spend a lot of time together but sometimes it's just fun to go out every now and then....

And then there are the random moments from the night before....

I went to the gym and came home... with RD gone fishing there was plenty of time to do whatever.. I was in desperate need of a pedicure. And since I have not worked in some time now and will not be getting a paycheck for about month {they pay every 2 weeks and hold your first check...yuck.} I decided to take matters into my own hands. I learned that we own a foot bath thing {i had NO idea..} and I already had the bath salt and pedicure tools... so tah dah! 

{pardon my appearance.. remember I just left the gym where I sweated like a man for about an hour.. I swear the AC was off too..anyways I had to explain.}

And yes.. I added too many bubbles and my mother found this to be hilarious and started snapping pictures with my camera...



I mean could this foot rest BE any cuter?
Love him :)


Waiting and adventure... {happy birthday shelley!!}

How cute are these?

These guys are on their way! I cannot wait until I get home this evening and they are here... at least I hope they are! Shelley, Chase and I are off on an adventure...

Happy Birthday Shelley! :)




Monday I took a pit stop by J & J Junk and dug in piles of junk {and who knows what else} and found several little lovely frames. I bought some 17 frames for $9.50. I dig through glass and lucked up for $4.50. The rest had to be cut at Hobby Lobby which ended up being around $7. I printed off some of my favorite pictures {for the time being at least} and tah dah!

I wanted to go with a wall of them all put together {you know the fun vintage look} but there are no walls left in room. {This is another reason why I need a house.}  So I added them to the pictures already propped against the wall... I really like how it turned out! And I now have a deeper love for J & J Junk... 

I need a house...

to put all my furniture in! For real.. I have enough furniture to fill an entire house. Sad I know but it is a true story. Here are the newest members of the collection... My Grannet asked me if I liked them and told me she didn't want them.. umm FREE and pretty... I'll take it!

{pardon the image quality.. they were taken with my camera phone}

and then this guy....

Yah :)


A trip to NC...

This weekend Chase and I went to North Carolina to visit our grandmother on our dad's side. We don't get to see her as often as our Mamaw {Momma's momma} or our Nannie {my Dad's grandmother}. Grannet lives on top of a mountain in Saluda, NC. Saluda is cute little town.. sort of like Mt. Laurel except old and with more stores. Very neat place. The houses are to die for and very old and huge. However, Grannet's house is on top of a huge mountain. It was built by Perry Como and he eventually sold it to them in 1992. This was our 3rd time to visit but the only one we can really remember...

This is my favorite picture from the weekend :

We hiked about 1 mile there and 1 mile back.. and at the end of the trail is this beautiful waterfall. It was so worth the hike that we were not prepared for and wore flip flops. It was fun times though.

She gave me 2 pieces of furniture that are to die for, a comforter set that I asked for when I was 10 {I don't remember this but I guess I did..}, and a really neat Alabama glass that I found at one of the cute shops. {Will post pictures later :)}

Chase and I had a great time... especially the road trip part :) 


Rest in peace sweet boy...

{I woke up Friday and felt much better and decided to head toward North Carolina. The trip was awesome and a post will come later...}

But today {Sunday} when I got home after Susie showed us the cake she made for me, Chase, and RD (he was away rodeoin' all weekend...) something was brought to my attention... There is now a cross in the pasture under the oak tree. A beautiful wooden cross that says "Champ" across it. My dad made it this weekend while I was gone. Friday night was filled with bad weather. Champ loved bad weather. He would chase lightning and I believe he actually thought he was going to catch it. Well.. this storm proves him right. He caught it. He died chasing lightning. I am sure if they would have noticed a smile would have been on his sweet face.

Champ was 16 years old. He was a Sheltie. He wondered from our house to Nannie's house everyday. He chose to eat there because here he got dry dog food and there he got whatever they had at the center that day. He preferred people food. He begged for treats like a kid does for a toy in Walmart. He chased cars until his joints became stiff about 2 years ago. He has been ran over several times from this. He was shot by a crazy neighbor we once had and should have died right there. He lived on for some 10 more years. As a young guy he thought it best to chew through extension cords, he soon learned that was probably a horrible idea after being severely shocked a couple times. 

Nonetheless, he truly was the best dog ever. He liked his hair long and vert trips minimum. He knew when it was time to go and would stay hid for days. We eventually gave up on dragging his to the vet when he was about 10. However he lived 16 years. A good 16 years too.

Here is a few months ago on his favorite rock by the pond...
Sir Champion of Rabbit Run
Rest in Peace Sweet Boy


4 is greater than 1...

Let me explain: 

For graduation RD was going to get me whatever I wanted. I settled on a new Coach bag. Then I ran across this guy yesterday and fell in love. He is a J Simp and he has a brother that would be perfect for work. {He has not be purchased yet.} So I thought why get one bag when you can get 2?

The cutest shoes ever.. and comfy :)

For work..
For work and possibly play..
The ones exactly like the J Simps.. LOVE!!!
And remember that cake I mention the other day? Here she is. It's now devoured :)


Nothing like it...

Shopping in bed that is! Today in between napping and channel surfing I wondered about on the internet and purchased these little numbers :

Not this one... because if I feel up to it tomorrow I am going to go try him on first. I kind of stray from the high waist and he is def high waisted... but to die for.
Bangles... can you ever have enough?
Mary Janes : the light of the foot world. Next to good pair of J Simps - Mary Janes are the way to go. My other ones are serious need of replacement. Maybe I can make them yard shoes? Idk. They saw their last day at a rodeo this past weekend... brand new in door arena my butt. 
This guy is strapless and pin striped. Fun for anywhere ad slap on a cardigan and can be church appropriate. Got to love that :)
This guy is close to black but not black because everything I own is black... He will look cute going to work with me.
And then this guy... you can never have too many little throw on and go dresses. It's purple. It's gray. It's cotton. It's a good length. It's mine. 
That was my adventure for today... Sad I know but it was the highlight of my day. Besides the smell of cake that awoke me my deep coma like sleep again.

Yes.. Susie made a homemade cake with homemade icing. Pink with flowers.. I wonder who she had in mind??? Hmm...

Love her!

Yah on a yucky day..

This morning while laying in a coma like sleep from taking medicine for the millionth day...

Wishing my head would finally cease the throbbing pain it insists on having...

And that I was anywhere but in this bed...

I got a phone call from AT&T {for those who didn't know -  that's where I will be working - in the advertising department}.

They asked me if I could start to work a week early...

Umm YES!

Yah.. I cannot wait!

I must have it..

Although there is no room left in my room... And this one is pink and if I had the choice I would want it to be black or yellow or green (like a fun vintage yellow or vintage green)... I must have it. 

Yes, they sell them new. They are expensive and not as much fun. Half the fun of owning antiques is the fact that you really have no idea where they have been, what they have seen or heard, and the magic is missing... so I will hold off until this little number ventures into my life.

If you happen to be out and about and you run into a chair that looks like this guy (in any color)... call me right then. If you don't have my number find someone that does... you would seriously make my day/year. 

I must have it!!! {Susie and RD are going to kill me for getting more furniture.. but oh well. I just keep reminding them I will have an entire house to fill one day!}

Love it!


No NC for me...

This gal is sad... and sick :(

{this cow is so cute that i had to add her... she helps to brighten a depressing post}

If you read my post from last night you think I am in North Carolina.

Well... it did mention a horrible headache {twice}. 

Well... he was still here this morning followed by a stomach virus, a trip to the doctor because the headache was growing increasingly stronger, with a very scary temp fever and I need assistance.

Therefore... no NC until next Monday. Sadness.

My grandmother does not need a fever or a stomach bug... I will spare her.

Anyways... happy blogging. Unless something earth moving happens within the next 2 or 3 days... I will not be blogging.

Have a great week :)


Off until Wednesday...

A friday night of road trip and bull riding...

A saturday of antique shopping followed by summer fellowship for VRC @ Mrs. Sue's then pizza with Shelley and the fam...

A screeching  headache that lasted from pizza at Shelley's until when I left church early...

Followed by hot dogs and baked beans by the pool with RD, Creeddaddy, Susie Q, Jess and Chase...

A nap with RD...

Dinner with the RD and folks...

The return of the dreadful headache... 

Watching more bull riding and laying around...

Gathering of the clothes for the weekly cleaner's trip (I should own stock in Taylor's in C'Burg!!)...

And packing to go here :

Saluda, North Carolina

Mountain air and the cutest little town.. ever. Great food too :)

{Pardon the quality.. I straight up drug it off the internet from the Saluda website. Please don't turn me over to the authorities :) thanks!}

See yall Wednesday! I am off to visit my Grannet (my dad's mom)!

Have a happy first of the week :)


Bodacious + organization = splashes of color...

Last night at like 9:30 after RD went home, Susie decided we needed to run to Walmart. We bought the random grocery list that she had compiled and texted to herself on the way. We were in the pet department and I suggested we look at the fish. She warned me there would not be a fish purchased and carried back to Vincent.


He was the fattest, cutest fish... ever. He came home with us. 

Meet Bodacious. 
{yes, he is named after the bull.}

The skull as too big for the tank. So he got a sign we had from a fish years ago {superman} and some aqua plants that should bloom in 20 days or I get to send them in and get new ones. {That's is what the package says..}
Then today... I added color to my already crowded living quarters {aka my bedroom}. Antique milk bottles and flowers/herbs from the yard.

Then on to organizing... 

This is a "chester draws" that I bought at an antique shop in Columbus, Georgia. {Once upon a time, my friend Erin and I were going to move to Auburn and go to school. We had an apartment and everything. We changed our minds at the last possible moment. Very last.} I fell in love with this baby pink, distressed piece.

However, as it usually goes, the drawers were a hot mess. Disaster covers it better.

So I made these dividers to help keep things more tidy. 

Here is the undershirt - work out / tank top - running / cheer short drawer. {The most phenomenal drawer is the underwear /  bra drawer.. but I will spare you.}
And did I mention...

I hung out with this guy ALL day. He followed me every where. I think we walked to laundry room and back about 50 times. Love this guy :) 

Now it's waiting on RD, a trip to the gym, dinner, and possibly a some television :)

{Happy Wednesday!}


Fresh face...

Today I went to lunch with my RD. I got to see his office for the first time and took him some pictures for his desk. This is one of the pictures he now has displayed on his desk. Fun times :)

Then I came home to my mother who was preparing to give Bear a bath. Bear is our giant lab that weighs more than I do and lives in the house permanently as of this summer. He will be 10 soon and has hypothyroid disease, reoccurring hot spots and always gets aural hemotomas during the hot months, so he will retire to the indoor life. He is adjusting quite well. {Except for the little accident where he ate 3 loafs of bread} 

Anyways he got a bath and then a Baking Soda coat to refresh and completely eliminate the dog smell. I said something about how random baking soda is... 

Then my Momma proceeds to tell me that back in the day she and her sister used to use it as an exfoliate for their face. {Their grandmother "Codie Mother" did this.}

  • 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda in the palm of your hand.
  • Drops of water until a paste like texture is made.
  • Smooth onto a damp face.
  • Rinse.
  • Feel the fresh skin.
  • Apply moisturizer. 
  • Enjoy really smooth skin!

Yah for new tricks! It's seriously better than any store bought skin exfoliate I have ever used!



Today... well was Monday. I still have several weeks before my real big kid job starts, so I am keeping myself entertained {the best I can}. 

Today I woke up, ate breakfast, and went to the Shop. (My dad's business)

There I printed off a image from Pottery Barn of a organizer wall decor thing I have been wanting but did not want to pay $149 for. No way. Nope. 

So I built it :) yes.. me and Susie Q built it.. and i love it!

Brought it home. Rd hung it on the wall. I cleaned and re-arranged my room while he watched bull riding.. over and over. 

Here is the building process...
Here are the slots to hold invites, bills, whatever...
the whole deal :)
Here is my favorite part.. the little shelves :)

Yah for Mondays that are spent building fun things! :)

Thanks Momma!