A trip to NC...

This weekend Chase and I went to North Carolina to visit our grandmother on our dad's side. We don't get to see her as often as our Mamaw {Momma's momma} or our Nannie {my Dad's grandmother}. Grannet lives on top of a mountain in Saluda, NC. Saluda is cute little town.. sort of like Mt. Laurel except old and with more stores. Very neat place. The houses are to die for and very old and huge. However, Grannet's house is on top of a huge mountain. It was built by Perry Como and he eventually sold it to them in 1992. This was our 3rd time to visit but the only one we can really remember...

This is my favorite picture from the weekend :

We hiked about 1 mile there and 1 mile back.. and at the end of the trail is this beautiful waterfall. It was so worth the hike that we were not prepared for and wore flip flops. It was fun times though.

She gave me 2 pieces of furniture that are to die for, a comforter set that I asked for when I was 10 {I don't remember this but I guess I did..}, and a really neat Alabama glass that I found at one of the cute shops. {Will post pictures later :)}

Chase and I had a great time... especially the road trip part :) 

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Sue said...

I'm so glad you had a good time...CAN'T WAIT to see pictures of your pieces of furniture and other goodies. I miss you, too!!!!