Rest in peace sweet boy...

{I woke up Friday and felt much better and decided to head toward North Carolina. The trip was awesome and a post will come later...}

But today {Sunday} when I got home after Susie showed us the cake she made for me, Chase, and RD (he was away rodeoin' all weekend...) something was brought to my attention... There is now a cross in the pasture under the oak tree. A beautiful wooden cross that says "Champ" across it. My dad made it this weekend while I was gone. Friday night was filled with bad weather. Champ loved bad weather. He would chase lightning and I believe he actually thought he was going to catch it. Well.. this storm proves him right. He caught it. He died chasing lightning. I am sure if they would have noticed a smile would have been on his sweet face.

Champ was 16 years old. He was a Sheltie. He wondered from our house to Nannie's house everyday. He chose to eat there because here he got dry dog food and there he got whatever they had at the center that day. He preferred people food. He begged for treats like a kid does for a toy in Walmart. He chased cars until his joints became stiff about 2 years ago. He has been ran over several times from this. He was shot by a crazy neighbor we once had and should have died right there. He lived on for some 10 more years. As a young guy he thought it best to chew through extension cords, he soon learned that was probably a horrible idea after being severely shocked a couple times. 

Nonetheless, he truly was the best dog ever. He liked his hair long and vert trips minimum. He knew when it was time to go and would stay hid for days. We eventually gave up on dragging his to the vet when he was about 10. However he lived 16 years. A good 16 years too.

Here is a few months ago on his favorite rock by the pond...
Sir Champion of Rabbit Run
Rest in Peace Sweet Boy


Katie said...

Oh Codie. This is so sad! I'm so sorry about this!!! :-(

Amy said...

So sorry, Codie. Thinking of you. :)