Nothing like it...

Shopping in bed that is! Today in between napping and channel surfing I wondered about on the internet and purchased these little numbers :

Not this one... because if I feel up to it tomorrow I am going to go try him on first. I kind of stray from the high waist and he is def high waisted... but to die for.
Bangles... can you ever have enough?
Mary Janes : the light of the foot world. Next to good pair of J Simps - Mary Janes are the way to go. My other ones are serious need of replacement. Maybe I can make them yard shoes? Idk. They saw their last day at a rodeo this past weekend... brand new in door arena my butt. 
This guy is strapless and pin striped. Fun for anywhere ad slap on a cardigan and can be church appropriate. Got to love that :)
This guy is close to black but not black because everything I own is black... He will look cute going to work with me.
And then this guy... you can never have too many little throw on and go dresses. It's purple. It's gray. It's cotton. It's a good length. It's mine. 
That was my adventure for today... Sad I know but it was the highlight of my day. Besides the smell of cake that awoke me my deep coma like sleep again.

Yes.. Susie made a homemade cake with homemade icing. Pink with flowers.. I wonder who she had in mind??? Hmm...

Love her!

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