Today I...

  • Went to church and officially became a member at VRC
  • I ate chicken salad and fruit before swimming and laying out in the sun for some 6 hours with RD and the fam
  • I played hard core bad mitten and under water football along with a game of Marco Polo {which I cheated :)} with RD and Chase
  • I took a nap with RD while chicken and steaks cooked on the grill
  • Wished my Dad a Happy Father's Day and gave him a card that talked and was from the Simpson's and had something to do with getting my way {i could not have said what it said better myself... it was so me}
  • I chose an outfit for my first day of work and made RD picked the shoes {he laughed at me}
  • Am currently watching Army Wives because I have decided it potential..
  • And now I will make a quick phone call to RD and then rest for my first day of work...
Today was a good day.. I have not pictures to post. I just wanted to remember this day by recording it on my blog :) I hope everyone has a wonderful week... I hope to post soon.. I just have to figure out my new schedule.. actually having to do something is going to be insane. But yah exciting! :)

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Sue said...

Hope you have the BEST first day of work possible!! By the way....you looked so good at church...the dress and the shoes were awesome!