Yah for Mattson...

Today is Mattson's birthday party! 


Mattson and Payson are the 2 sweetest boys I have ever met! {and the cutest too!! :)} I love them so much! Mattson is turning 3 and they are having his birthday party at Jumpin' Jacks in Chelsea. It should be quite fun and get interesting when his parents and me and RD all get in and start jumping!! Haha... It's going to be hilarious! 

This is the toy that his Uncle RD bought him.. Shelley and I were at Walmart and she saw this on the shelf.. I mean could it be a more perfect gift for his uncle to give him!!! 

Mattson LOVES trains and RD LOVES bucking bulls... crazy huh?

Mattson is also getting ready to start "school" in the fall. So he needed a mat to take his naps on... My friend Jayme's mom is an amazing seamstress. I mean she did this {with Jayme's help}.. so she is like top notch in my book.. so I picked out some fabric... cowboys and minky dot.
His name up close...
The entire thing... how cute is this guy!!!
So anyways I wanted to show off the mat and the randomly perfect present that was discovered at Walmart... 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.. I am off to jump around with 2 sweet boys and some wonderful family and friends :)


Sue said...

That gift from Uncle Ryan is PERFECT...and I LOVE that mat. It is too cute. Hope you guys had fun jumping!!

Jen said...

i love this nap mat!!! i am looking for one right now!! do you know how much she would charge to make mack one??

Ashley Waldrop said...

Love the nap mat and the invite.. I know who it hit up in about 3 months :)

So how is work going? What does it feel like to be a grown up??