I must have it..

Although there is no room left in my room... And this one is pink and if I had the choice I would want it to be black or yellow or green (like a fun vintage yellow or vintage green)... I must have it. 

Yes, they sell them new. They are expensive and not as much fun. Half the fun of owning antiques is the fact that you really have no idea where they have been, what they have seen or heard, and the magic is missing... so I will hold off until this little number ventures into my life.

If you happen to be out and about and you run into a chair that looks like this guy (in any color)... call me right then. If you don't have my number find someone that does... you would seriously make my day/year. 

I must have it!!! {Susie and RD are going to kill me for getting more furniture.. but oh well. I just keep reminding them I will have an entire house to fill one day!}

Love it!

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The Buchanan Family said...

not sure if the "store" is still open or not but there was a guy in sycaulga sp? that me and mother got two or three chairs similiar to that for good price and had them recovered/redone. Its on on syc. hwy. before you get to the red light at mc donalds..corner store, looks like no one is there, but he was always in. not sure if it had a name...good luck.