1 down... years to go...

Well I did it! I made it through the first day. {I just have 25 years to go!} I was bombarded with information and handed a binder filled with more pages than I think I ever read in college. I was given homework assignments and more info to read on my own. It's interesting though so it's fun to read. I love advertising. Love it.

I had a cute outfit, met fun people and overall enjoyed my day at work. I work. Weird.

Then I was off to the gym and dinner with RD...

But my favorite part of the day came when I got home... my diploma FINALLY came! Yah! {Note: They spelt my name wrong from what I requested... they put L. instead Lee. Who is Codie L. Hoyle? I was mad but soon got over it when I realized no one would eve notice the name... the frame is too pretty! :)}

{pardon picture quality.. i used my cell phone}

I know that I graduated. I walked across the stage. I wore my cap and gown....

But getting this piece of paper completed it. I was truly relieved and excited to the fullest for the first time about this! 


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