Today... well was Monday. I still have several weeks before my real big kid job starts, so I am keeping myself entertained {the best I can}. 

Today I woke up, ate breakfast, and went to the Shop. (My dad's business)

There I printed off a image from Pottery Barn of a organizer wall decor thing I have been wanting but did not want to pay $149 for. No way. Nope. 

So I built it :) yes.. me and Susie Q built it.. and i love it!

Brought it home. Rd hung it on the wall. I cleaned and re-arranged my room while he watched bull riding.. over and over. 

Here is the building process...
Here are the slots to hold invites, bills, whatever...
the whole deal :)
Here is my favorite part.. the little shelves :)

Yah for Mondays that are spent building fun things! :)

Thanks Momma! 

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Sherree said...

You and your mom did a great job!