Bodacious + organization = splashes of color...

Last night at like 9:30 after RD went home, Susie decided we needed to run to Walmart. We bought the random grocery list that she had compiled and texted to herself on the way. We were in the pet department and I suggested we look at the fish. She warned me there would not be a fish purchased and carried back to Vincent.


He was the fattest, cutest fish... ever. He came home with us. 

Meet Bodacious. 
{yes, he is named after the bull.}

The skull as too big for the tank. So he got a sign we had from a fish years ago {superman} and some aqua plants that should bloom in 20 days or I get to send them in and get new ones. {That's is what the package says..}
Then today... I added color to my already crowded living quarters {aka my bedroom}. Antique milk bottles and flowers/herbs from the yard.

Then on to organizing... 

This is a "chester draws" that I bought at an antique shop in Columbus, Georgia. {Once upon a time, my friend Erin and I were going to move to Auburn and go to school. We had an apartment and everything. We changed our minds at the last possible moment. Very last.} I fell in love with this baby pink, distressed piece.

However, as it usually goes, the drawers were a hot mess. Disaster covers it better.

So I made these dividers to help keep things more tidy. 

Here is the undershirt - work out / tank top - running / cheer short drawer. {The most phenomenal drawer is the underwear /  bra drawer.. but I will spare you.}
And did I mention...

I hung out with this guy ALL day. He followed me every where. I think we walked to laundry room and back about 50 times. Love this guy :) 

Now it's waiting on RD, a trip to the gym, dinner, and possibly a some television :)

{Happy Wednesday!}


Ashley Waldrop said...

I MISS SUPERMAN..I never knew a fish had 9 lives ;)

Katie said...

Do you know that I only realized it was actually "chest of drawers" in Novemeber when I moved into my house? For years, I thought it was called chester drawers...and always thought it strange that we called it that.