Fresh face...

Today I went to lunch with my RD. I got to see his office for the first time and took him some pictures for his desk. This is one of the pictures he now has displayed on his desk. Fun times :)

Then I came home to my mother who was preparing to give Bear a bath. Bear is our giant lab that weighs more than I do and lives in the house permanently as of this summer. He will be 10 soon and has hypothyroid disease, reoccurring hot spots and always gets aural hemotomas during the hot months, so he will retire to the indoor life. He is adjusting quite well. {Except for the little accident where he ate 3 loafs of bread} 

Anyways he got a bath and then a Baking Soda coat to refresh and completely eliminate the dog smell. I said something about how random baking soda is... 

Then my Momma proceeds to tell me that back in the day she and her sister used to use it as an exfoliate for their face. {Their grandmother "Codie Mother" did this.}

  • 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda in the palm of your hand.
  • Drops of water until a paste like texture is made.
  • Smooth onto a damp face.
  • Rinse.
  • Feel the fresh skin.
  • Apply moisturizer. 
  • Enjoy really smooth skin!

Yah for new tricks! It's seriously better than any store bought skin exfoliate I have ever used!


Sue said...

I'll have to try this and see what it does for OLD skin!

Ashley Waldrop said...

Oooh..I might just have to try that ;)

Where is RD working now??