No NC for me...

This gal is sad... and sick :(

{this cow is so cute that i had to add her... she helps to brighten a depressing post}

If you read my post from last night you think I am in North Carolina.

Well... it did mention a horrible headache {twice}. 

Well... he was still here this morning followed by a stomach virus, a trip to the doctor because the headache was growing increasingly stronger, with a very scary temp fever and I need assistance.

Therefore... no NC until next Monday. Sadness.

My grandmother does not need a fever or a stomach bug... I will spare her.

Anyways... happy blogging. Unless something earth moving happens within the next 2 or 3 days... I will not be blogging.

Have a great week :)


Sue said...

I'm sorry you are sick...you definitely need to stay home and get some TLC! Hope you are better soon!!!!

Matt said...

I'm not sure what stinks worse: being sick or missing a trip. Praying that you feel better AND get to have an awesome time in NC