Sweet bunny rabbit...

Ok... Let me first explain.....

Tonight is the first annual movies at Jayme's on a Cold January Night. 

We are going to watch The Girl's Next Door and House Bunny

The original plan was to get all the episodes of The Girl's Next Door and just have a big marathon but we ran into trouble gathering the entire collection. So.. we got our hands on seasons 1 and 2 and threw in some House Bunny for good measure. 

I decided to make a little treat for us to snack on later. 

Note: with the help of Susie Q :) Who also taught me several secret of baking today! 

This is the bar full of supplies..... and two small cooling cakes.

Here are the ears... and a fun little bow tie....

Here is one cake.... covered with yummy purple icing...

And Tah Dah! Here is the finished product! 
A purple Playboy bunny cake for movie night!

Yah.. I cannot wait! It's going to be so much fun! We have been planning this for over 5 months. We waited so patiently for Season 4 of Girls Next Door to come out... they keep movie the release date! Ahh... anyways! I just wanted to share the yummy cuteness! 

Thanks Momma! :)


Ashley Waldrop said...

For my birthday this year, I want a homemade Playboy bunny cake from Mrs. Susan and Cod. Thanks..

Oh and have fun! That sounds like an AWESOME night. I love The Girls Next Door!

Nana said...

That is too cute!! Wow, approximately 33 years ago I made a bunny cake for Easter. I had forgotten all about that! I did it for Danel (Brenda's son), he was the only grandchild at the time; Cookie and I were not even married yet – and of course my mom helped me too. It was so much fun making/decorating it! But of course it was an "Easter Bunny" - not a "Playboy Bunny", lol. This would also be a great idea for a bachelorette/lingerie shower :)

Have fun tonight and enjoy that very yummy looking cake :)