In my garden...

... there are...

oh my!
{along with Corn, Pumpkins, Sunflowers, Cantaloup, Watermelon, Strawberries, Squash, 4 different types of Peppers, & more!}

I have been spending lots {tons} of time in my garden! 
Last Friday I planted all the seeds and plants... And this Saturday I found this!

... my seeds are sprouting!

I was SO {very} excited! RD was over at his barn working on his tractor... I jumped in the 'hoe {Tahoe} and sped over to show him my sprouting seeds via my camera... 
which he had already seen but pretended that he was so surprised!

... And then there is this guy for sheer decoration {& entertainment because the horses spend hours trying to get it through the fence}!


Ashley Waldrop said...

I would have been just as excited!! Yay for a sprouting garden!!!!

Goodwife said...

Looks lovely, and I love your row markers! :)

The Buchanan Family said...

love your garden signs. Hopefully we will both have luck in our gardens!