I am sitting in my Art History class.
The heat is on full blast.
It is 65 degrees outside.
It is 109 degrees in this classroom.
The teacher is babbling. 
Art.. public art... it all came from the massive explosion of modernism.
I don't want to listen anymore.
I want this all to be over with.
I want to make ads.
I want to design and create.
I do not care why some guy whose name I cannot even pronounce decided to paint the sky red in his photo instead of blue.
I simply could careless.
I am just being honest.
I also do not care that he went on to patent a shade of blue.
Then become obsessed with the color.
He made his drinks with this blue paint.
He then urinated blue for 2 weeks.
Really? ... gross and unnecessary information.
I just wanted you to see where I am coming from. 
There is a girl sitting in front of me that is making a comment about everything the teacher says.
Really?... do you have to say something every time?
P.s. The artist she is telling us about, also made naked women role on canvas in his patented blue paint. 
I am so over this.
I will never use this information unless I am asked to be involved in some random game show where the contestants are being told to think of the most random information that they know.
In that case, I will win the entire game.
The artist is Yves Klein. 
He also thought he could fly.
He claimed it but no one believed him.
So he did it again.
He jumped from a 2 story building.
He had 2 friends stand below him with a tarp.
He then edited them out of the photograph to make it look like he was really flying and not so much falling onto a tarp.
He then published this in a newspaper.
He ran the newspaper. 
He lived in Paris.
A Japanese artist then tried to immitate this act of craziness and died.
He actually believed that Klein was flying... yeah. 
Then in 1962, Klein died of a heart attack after a heated news interview.
I love art.
Dont get me wrong, but this is not my opinion of interesting art.
Oh... I cannot wait until May.


Sue said...

I can't wait until May 9th FOR YOU either. You are so good at what you do (and it sure is nice that you are helping us at church with the talent God gave YOU)!!!! Love U & Happy Valentine's (in case you don't post again until then)

Amy said...

Don't forget tomorrow night (13th) @ Chili's @ 6:30!

Matt said...

YES!, this dude is a complete FREAK!! There were some really messed up people in the art/music realm.

I also had a psycho teacher (in HS) who did the opposite. It would be -10 outside and she'd have the A/C on...she claimed she had a condition where she'd die (or pass out or something) if the air got above 65. So we put the heat on 80. (She didn't die--she just yelled and had an emotional mini-meltdown :)