An interesting blog...

In case you need something new and interesting to gaze at while you patiently wait for that lovely time of day when you get to return back to your warm, cozy home... go here.

This blog came into my life in perfect timing. I had been thinking about the concept of photography and feet. Well not so much feet but more or less the shoes on the feet. You see I love shoes. And the idea of capturing the shoes in my desired environment, makes them all the more magical. 

Each day, several times a day, there are posts concerning feet, with or without shoes, in random spaces and environments.  

Very interesting. 

Your feet, or more or less our shoes, show a detail of you. Plain. Bright. Flat. High. Just another minor detail that makes up your personality. 

Because after all, our feet are always with us. They carry us through the day or in some way accompany us, even if we are not capable of using our feet, they are with us. They ache when they are over used and desired to covered with the finest of things... or at least something to keep them from the cold and protected from the hot. At least I hope you have feet. And if not, I am sorry to hear of such misfortune. 

Enjoy :)

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Fields of Plenty said...

I am now totally convinced there is a blog for everything!