Sweet boy...

Last night, RD and I went out for Valentine's Day... he decided this because he knew where I was gonna ask to go eat... and he knew that the wait for would be looong.... so he asked kindly that we go out tonight instead... and this question was proposed to me at 2:00.... so we did. 

Olive Garden. 

He hates it. I love it. 

After last night though, he now loves it too. We ordered Calamari, fried mozzarella, Alfredo dipping sauce for the bread sticks, salad with extra croutons, and this was all before the entree. Then I had the seafood Alfredo and he had the steak, chicken and potatoes. 


And by the time we got back into the road... He was in love with Olive Garden too. Which is good, cause now it will easy to talk him into dining there more often. 

We had the best time. We sat there and ate every bite. Laughed the entire time. Told each other random things that we never would have thought to ever to tell anyone. Laughed some more. Talked about more random things. Made fun of how lovey dovey the couple next to us was... well just the guy because the girl totally was not. It was funny. Talked about being old and how much fun we are going to have. Planned random aspects of our future that will most likely be re-planned two to four time before we actually have to make the plans for real. Talked about how we will most likely have a child that is exactly like Ryan and how it prolly be the be death of me. 

Lord help me. 

We had such a sweet night. 

There are times when I want to run far away and be like why are you doing the things you do... then I just remind myself that he is a boy. He tries. He is trying harder. And that is a big deal. He makes an effort which is awesome. 

He also gave me these beautiful roses... which was a total surprise.... i smiled so hard.

 Anyways... I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Happy Valentine's Day! :)


Sue said...

I'm "smiling so hard" right now too...cause I love Ryan & I love you too and that makes it perfect!!! I'm so happy you had a great Valentine, and I know that you are going to have a WONDERFUL future ahead.

Sue said...

Angie needs to talk to you so when you read this call the church. Thanks!!