I need a good home....

This sweet girl was found on the side of the road. A girl I work with brought her in. Since we don't have lots of room at the clinic to take in strays, her time is limited. After her stay here she will be taken to the Humane Society. Her fate there is up in the air because they too are pushed for room.

Let me know, or call the number on the flyer, if you or anyone you know is interested. If you can't read the small print on the flyer, she has had her spay surgery and all of her vaccines. 

I was making the flyer at work today and figured I would post this in hopes that someone might need a new furry friend :)


Shelley said...

Awe she is so cute. Don't forget I deal. Max needs a farm. Kitty needs a place to stay. Love ya always.

Matt said...

Wow! That's terrible...shot and ran over?!?!?! Kind of like our Elvis (at least he was only abandoned to certain death and not shot/ran over).

I may have someone who would want her. I'll let you know later today.