Brown paper packages...

....tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things!

Ok... so Memaw (what I call myself...) stayed in her warm room all night and wrapped Christmas gifts and watched House. I am going with the theme of one of my favorite songs ever... the one from The Sound of Music . I have always liked this movie. Idk.. they even took me to see the play when i was younger. I mean Memaw loved it. Now... I just really like the song. 

Anyways... I decided this year I would keep it simple and chic with the gift wrapping. It is my favorite part of the whole present exchange process. However this year... I am giving several pictures and frames as gifts. Frames are not so fun to wrap. 

I thought I would share what I have so far... I am no where near completed with this task. 

As a matter of fact.. I am still waiting on 3 gifts to be shipped! I really hope they make it by Christmas... otherwise Susie Q (my momma), RD and Chase are going to be getting after Christmas prizes! 


Nana said...

I LOVE the brown paper packages :)

Fields of Plenty said...

very cute! did you make the little tags?